Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Ghazanfar unveils election package!!

By Ghulam Nasir  

Gulmit, June 4: In what seems to be a heavily packed pre-election ‘development package’ for the region, tenders for a host of new projects have been invited by chief executive, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Some of the projects include Shishkat Link Road (2.5 Mn), Shishkat Football ground (2 Mn), Gulmit Shutubar Pony Track (0.25 Mn), Shutubar Hotel – Polo Ground link Road (3 Mn), Women Center Gulmit (1.5 Mn), Ghulkin water channel (0.95 Mn), Hussaini water channels, Khyber Cricket Ground, Jamal Abad Vocational center, Khudaabd link road expansion (0.5 Mn), Rashit Polo Ground (1.2 Mn), Shehr Sabz Cricket Ground (0.3 Mn) and purchase of pipes and construction of Tanks at the Misgar Power House (1 Crore).

Public circles have termed this as yet another effort to systematically manipulated the election result throuth state funds, right ahead of the NALA elections.

16 thoughts on “Ghazanfar unveils election package!!

  1. The public can no more be fooled into trusting the one who called them miscreants. No more will his mean political maneuvers fool the people.

  2. I know this is just what the people want, But be frankly the chief executive, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan never cut his own hand if he can deliver this package to the people of Hunza to Gojal then the people will come more educated and they youth knows there own right, so my dear when Mr. Z.A.Bhutto dissolved the damn state of Hunza then corrupted Mir family’s are fully trying to build a network to destroy the people of Hunza Gojal,So thanks 2 the Youth of Hunza Goajl still they’re fully face bigger king .
    packed pre-election is totally wrong don’t believe on bigger King just do Work is giving yourself. It’s creative self-expression. It’s opening your heart and providing value to others

    Friend Of Hunza & Gojal

  3. mir sahab peoples r educated dnt try to make fool peoples .do u remember the promise with youth of gojal ?nw cm we are waitng 4 u .

    voice of gojal

  4. jeet hi jeet ap ke hai.
    ye wahi gojali quam hain jo pehle be ap k aganist te or ab be
    laiken en k vote ap k naam hain

  5. Haqiqat aj be wahi hai tere jute dastan ka
    jo sala sal chal raha hai tere election ke time pe


  7. our illitreacy voters are very large. There for till mir wins from our land . HOw we can let them know, what is the hidden reality…………..

  8. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    yar what happed to our suspension bridge already p-1 aproved by mir sab????????????????????

    qadam badam mir sab chamcha tumare sath hain….

  9. Pre-Poll trauma for rigging. Ghazanfer could go a run on the contest of political secnario for the up-coming election? Many technical quests are here?
    1- about 65years old Ghanzafer is physically unfit candidate and mentally loosing the grip of people support in Hunza/Gojal.
    2- The post reputation as MNA or CE left a soure taste behind and lost the sympathies in the public.
    3- The experience of grabbing SRDT(SILK ROUTE DRYPORT TRUST) ownership and failing in the courte is another point for the public to refuse him as representative.
    4- His style and aproaches is not like a representative or member of Hunza/Gojal rather then a MIR he deserves.
    5- tit a tot people are fed-up now from this family. Be honestly no chance for him.

    Sorry for the supporters of Ghazanee, this is the reality.

  10. Mir Sahib Jan chod do ab, kafi ho gya ap ka raj…….
    Ma nahi Manta… Ma nahi Manta,

  11. What a “development package’ for Chipursun, i.e. Rashit Polo Ground (1.2 Mn) & Shehr Sabz Cricket Ground (0.3 Mn)…………… These projects must be needed in Karimabad or Ali Abad & NOT in Chipursun…… How did you forget the Truckable Road project, for which we are suffering & have been voting for you for years?

    (1) Polo Ground is for the sake of your entertainment & it is sufficiently built for that. (2) Cricket ground has also nothing wrong with it, as we are looking after it for the single event organized every two years, if, I assume you are not going to convert it into an international ground.

    What we need is primarily a Truckable Road & Telephone. We ‘ll not repeat our mistakes again & you must not repeat your deceptive tactics.

  12. well well well its been a long time since mir sahab is making us fool, but enough is enough and the time has gone when people were illiterated and mir used to command on them. the youth is fully literated now and knows how,when and what to do so for god sak mir sahab just let the youth chose their own leader.

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