Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

Vice Chancellor KIU visits Aga Khan Schools, appreciates help to university students during pandemic

ISLAMABAD: Vice Chancellor Karakorum International University, Gilgit-Baltistan, Dr Attaullah Shah, visited Diamond Jubilee Schools in Chipursan and Shimshal on July 23.

During his visit to Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan’s Diamond Jubilee High Schools Zoodkhun and Shimshal, Dr. Shah met with students of Karakorum International University and Aga Khan University who are benefitting from the internet services provided by the AKES,P, and distributed study packs amongst them. He appreciated AKES,P’s support to the students of KIU and AKU who are able to continue with their online classes with AKES,P’s help.

The Vice Chancellor Dr. Shah also addressed small gatherings of students, teachers and notables of the area. Praising the quality learning environment of AKES,P schools, Dr. Shah said they are ideal standards for other organizations to follow. The Vice Chancellor praised the schools’ infrastructure as well as their contribution to the spread and development of education in the area. The honourable guest observed the school facilities and was briefed by the school heads on activities being carried out to support students during the pandemic.

The VC, at the request of the teachers and students of Shimshal, promised to establish an examination centre in the school for grades 9 and 10, even in the case of low student enrollment.

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