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Delay in Hunza – Nagar district starts worrying Ghanzafar

by Ali Ahmed Gilgit, July 28: The Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, sans advisors, met today at the assembly hall located in Chinar Bagh Gilgit. It was a special meeting, held after the removal of six advisors from office, in times of uncertainity and, subtle, chaos.  Addressing the gathering Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Chief Executive of the...

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Drafting the Mineral Lease Policy for Northern Areas (Gilgit – Baltistan)

by Brig (r) Hisamullah Baig SI (M) Dear readers, I have taken up a case with the Chief Executive, NALA, as well as Northern Areas Lagislative Council to review mineral lease policies in the Northern Areas. The copies of letters (appended below) will give the background to this proposal. I am...

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Payam-e-Akhuwat: The Message of Fraternity

District Hunza-Nagar has been established through a presidential decree.  This is a very rare, and promising, moment in the history of our region. We shall accept the reality and, collectively, work for betterment of our societies. We invite all our readers to express their desire for brotherhood, love and peace in the...

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