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New cabinet takes over Silk Route Dry Port, Sost

Hunza, April 24: The new cabinet of Sost Dry Port Trust has taken charge of the Port in front of community members and media representatives. Officially the port was supposed to be opened on April 01. According to reports the law and order situation in Sost is normal and there...

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The Beautiful Misgar Valley of Gojal

Misgar Valley is one of the most beautiful and geographically important regions of Gilgit-Baltistan. Misgar is home to the Mintika pass that connects Pakistan with China. The historic Kilik pass is also located in Misgar and it leads travelers to Afghanistan. The historic “Kalam Darchi Fort” [Fort of the Naked...

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Don’t interfer in affairs of the Sost Port, Kaira tells the NA administration

Hunza, April 23: Chairman, NALA met a delegation of the newly elected cabinet of Sost dry port trust in Gilgit. The delegation briefed Chairman on different burning issues at port and registered complaints about regular unnecessary interference from local administration in trust affairs. The delegation has said that the former...

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Kaira assures Hunza-Nagar delegation to immediately work on new Hunza Nagar district

Hunza, April 23: A delegation of the PPP leadership from Hunza Nagar has met with Chairmain NALA, Qamar Zaman Kaira to present a charter of demand. Syed Yahya Shah and Wazir Baig presented the charter which included demands for increase in number of seats for Hunza in the NALA, solution...

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Admissions, Scholarships, Careers

by Amin Salman For latest information about admissions, scholarships and career opportunities clikc on the link and open AKES, P’s, weekly bulletin, in PDF. Admissions <<<<<<<<<<<< Click HERE

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