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Sports Week Concluded at Al Amin School

Our special Correspondent Gulmit: AL Amin Model School, Gulmit, wrapped up its sports week on the 17th of November, 2007.   Cricket, Soccer and volley Ball, Table Tennis, Londus, Tug of War and athletics competitions were organized to celebrate the sports week. According to reports received by Pamir Times the following teams recorded victory...

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Sports Week, Al – Amyn Model School

Our Special Correspondent: Sports week is being celebrated at the Al Amyn Model School, in Gulmit Gojal, from 13 – 16 November 2006. A number of sporting events would be organized in this connection providing opportunities of physical and mental exercise and entertainment. 

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Top 200 Universities of the World

We are thankful to Mr. Sajad Ullah Baig,  a graduate of the Imperial College London (world’s 5th best university), for sharing with us a comprehensive list of the world’s top 200 universities.  We have uploaded the MS Word file here for your information.  World’s Top 200 Universities The list has been...

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Admissions, Seminars, Scholarships

Careers & Scholarhip (click to download the PDF format file) We are pleased to share with you information developed by the AKES, P – Careers and Scholarship Department-.  It is very useful for the students who are willing to take admissions in various faculties across the country. We strongly recommend that all students...

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