Students from Gojal meet in Karachi to “exchange ideas”

Karachi, December 18 (PR): The Gojal Ismailia Students Association (GISAK) organized a “Youth Ideas Exchange Program” on Sunday December 16, 2012 at National Council Hall Garden Karachi for the youth and students of Gojal based in Karachi.

GISAKThe program aimed to highlight different issues and problems of Gojal Valley in different fields, exploring their potential solutions, identifying areas of progress and making youth realize their responsibilities and role to overcome those issues.

In the session students and youth were divided in nine different groups, to discuss quality education, religious education, health issues, drug issues, culture and sports, entrepreneurship, tourism and political awareness.

Each group was facilitated by professionals of relevant field and seniors of Gojal based in Karachi. The youth then presented their ideas in front of a panel of judges, comprising of Al Waz Nasir Karim senior scholar ITREB, Dr. Haji Parveen and Mr. Habib ur Rehman, Vise President The First Micro Finance Bank Karachi. Dr. Karim Aman, Zafar Iqbal, Tula Khan, Marina, Karim Ali Bhadur and Sher Khan facilitated the discussions in each group.

Earlier, Sabir Khan, youth coordinator REC for Karachi and Baluchistan briefly addressed the audience and emphasized youth to join the institutions for voluntary services because it is a good source of learning, satisfaction and intermingling with brothers and sisters in south.

Chairman GISAK, Sahib Jan welcomed the guests and participants in the program. Secretary Finance Ali Yar briefly discussed aims and objectives of the program.

Around 105 students and youth of Gojal participated the session, shared their ideas, conferred suggestions and tried to explore ways to overcome the issues and putting Gojal a steps forward. They appreciated GISAK for holding such a revealing session which may cause to create a sense of responsibility in the youth and students of Gojal.

At the end Honorary Secretary GISAK, Didar Ali Shah presented vote of thanks to the gusts and participants for making the session a success and briefly discussed the plan of GISAK. The program started around 12 pm and concluded at 5 pm.

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  1. It is indeed a very exemplary step initiated by GISAK.I congratulate the management and the scholars, think tanks and professionals for this effort .After Attabad Disaster our area is in grip of serious problems and the fragile system of govt has dragged the people of Gojal valley into an unbearable long term chain disaster and people see no solution even in the coming years ahead. As an activist of RCMG I realized that there is a serious lack of political and social awareness in our people particularly youth and resultantly our people are suffering day by day and there is no way out but to take serious steps to bring our youth on one common platform with a vision to develop our area and strengthen our institution instead of wasting our time and energy in self interest groups.

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