Dear Readers

The graph above illustrates the number of views that Pamir Times has recieved, on daily basis, since its inception. We can see that a growing number of people are using Daily PAMIR NEWS to obtain information about happenings in their region.

Here we would also like to share an ironic finding with our readers. One of the most ignored series of posts has been the “Careers, Admissions and Scholarships” portion of Pamir Times.

We would really appreciate if we receive your feedback in this regard. How can we improve the said series of posts to address your needs?

On our part we feel that the need for PDF reader might be a hurdle in this regard. Similarly the PDF files take a lot of time to open which, maybe, discourage our readers to pursue the information.

Hope to recieve your suggestions.


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  1. I m also in favour to arrange more n more career programmes in gojal.bcuze mostly da students ve lack of information abt this.

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