Electricity Crisis Deepens in Gojal Valley

Passu – The people of Gojal are still deprived of some of the most basic human needs. Lanterns flickr in hundreds of home across Gojal as the chilly cold winter wind thunders outside. A turbine at the Khyber Hyrdro – Power Plant had malfunctioned months ago and is still rotting in the NAHWO factory in Gilgit city.

Protests from the local population don’t find any hearing within the government circles. This is one of the toughest winter seasons Gojal has ever witnessed and the government has failed miserably in providing any relief to the people. As if doubling the troubles of the people, light, after the heat has also been snatched.

It is time for the local political leadership to rise on behalf of the people and ensure provision of light and heat for them.  


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  1. Dear fellows

    With the leaders and politicians that we are currently having in the corridors of powers have no vision for the area. They have a one point agenda of their own personal well-being.

    Look at every public facility, is anything in order? What change have these so-called leaders brought to the lives of the people of the area instead of setting up their personal business set-ups and that too is run in such a way that no corporate culture could evolve in the whole northern areas.

    We need to think seriously as how long are we going to live with these leaders and how long are we going to give them chance to cheat us. We need to bring serious people to the politics with clear vision for the people of the area


  2. problem remains problem if we only criticize on the authority.what we need is solution,so we should join hand in hand and work for welfer.thanks

  3. The current power crisis exposes the much-hyped and much-trumpeted development loaded with NGo jargons of `sustainable’ and `community developments 1capacity’ building’ and seminar and workshop futile excercises. It also exposes the visionless inept and corrupt public representatives of Chaudhryis of Gurat ilks who are crying for more power to victimise and harras their political opponents rather than serving and benefitting the people.

    Avecina Islamabad

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