Split Gojal into two Tehsils, Demands Union Council Chairman

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Reports published in local weeklies of Gilgit – Baltistan have quoted Darvesh Ali, Chairman Union Council, Upper Gojal, demanding the division of Gojal Magistracy into two tehsils (administrative divisions). This, he reportedly said, would create more job opportunities for the youth besides enhancing the pace of bureacratic procedures related to the public welfare. He reportedly said that Sost should be made the headquarter of the new tehsil.

This demand comes after President Pervez Musharraf issued notification for creation of the much demanded Hunza – Nagar district.  

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  1. (received via. email)

    By Rehmat Karim ( Khyber Gojal), Currently in UAE

    Before we discuss about establishing two Tehsils in Gojal, we need to think whether Gulmit Tehsil is still recognized in Government Documents or not? We might think that the Tehsil is recognized but we all know that while issuing computerized NICs to the people most of us were included in Tehsil Hunza. So far no any politician has shown any interest in raising this issue, raised by a blunder of NADRA, at any level.

    Therefore, I think in case if we take any initiative for establishing two Tehsils in Gojal, the GOP will still be making such technical error and all of us would still be roaming with the wrong identity cards in our pockets.

    The demand for new Tehsil should not come as a knee jerk response to a broader change in the region’s political geography. Our politicians should come forth having done their homework with systematic planning

    As far as concern about the Separation of Gojal 2, it is need of time; Because Gulmit Gojal is Biggest Tehsil in Whole Northern Areas. We do have enough resources to utilize in right manner; we have well educated young leaders among in whole Northern Areas.

    This is a positive step towards the socio economic development and tells about our raising level of political awareness. Now it is responsibility of youth and young leaders to come out and take part in the politics and understand the requirement of community in field of leadership.

  2. splitting gojal into two tehsils is a good idea, this may help the administration for both the tehsils to work properly in their respective regions and by doing this, more benefits will be provided to the people

  3. Could someone tell me when the new Hunza-Nagar District was created in the Northern Areas and provide me with a source that shows the boundary of that new district?

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