Gilgit liberation or rebellion – I (Prof Farakh A Khan)

March 16: Liberation of the Northern Areas of Pakistan in 1947 starting in Gilgit is an exciting chapter in our history, which prodprof1.jpguced many unsung heroes. This is the only part of Pakistan that was actually liberated by the force of arms. Professor Dr Ahmed Hassan Dani has produced the best source book on this episode, History of Northern Areas of Pakistan (Up to 2000 AD), Sang-e-Meel Publishers, Lahore. 2001. He not only consulted original material on the subject and diaries of important people but also documented interviews with the main actors in the drama in this remote corner of what is now the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Recently I was presented a diary of another main actor in the drama, Major William Brown (1922-1986) who was the Commandant of the Gilgit Scouts in 1947 (Brown, W A, The Gilgit rebellion 1947, IBEX, 1998). Unfortunately Professor Dr Dani did not have access to this document. I thought it was worthwhile to share some of the information provided by Major Brown with the readers (my thanks to Mrs M Brown and Mrs Anne Ali-Khan). (Courtesy: The Post) For details click here:  Gilgit liberation or rebellion – I

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