Khushdil Khan Passed away in Gulmit


 It is with great sadness to pass the information that Khushdil Khan passed away on March 15, 2008 in Gulmit, after  a 2 years of illness.  He was a very active social worker and a volunteer of all time.

Our condolenes go out to the family members, especially Mr. Amir Ali Khan, Mr. Ahmed Khan, Mr. Sajjad Ali Khan, and Mr. & Mrs. Gul Baig.

May God rest his soul in Peace

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  1. Amre Ilahi, ghafch afsus vite yem khabaren keshen khe. Mawlo Pup Khhushdile ruher da khoo rahmate soya jay rand, woz yowe okhirate safare oson gokht. Bishti Pup ghafch nik woz past khizmat khalg tu. Spo diyore tariqi haten yowe khizmati sad satoyishe qobil. yurten woz diyorighe kum zeng yark ne tu ki you khate cebas khasht. Da har yi yarki yowe dhast wurekh wo spo diyorep hamish yowe yod lecert…. Mawlo yowe ruher janat nasib cart… Omin!

  2. Very Sorry to hear about the death of uncle Khush Dil Khan from Gulmit Gojal. May Mowla give him eternal peace(Aameen)

    My condolence to his family members, Amir Ahmed Khan, Najma, Sajjad Ali, Samina, Ms. Janan Gul Baig.

    Shamim Ali.

  3. It is indeed very saddening to hear about Mr. Khushdil Khan one of the most active social and volunteer worker of his time.
    May his soul rest in perfect peace. My deepest sympathies and condolences to all his relations

    Ka-Bull Afghanistan


    It is the devine truth that everyone is having a soul and the physical body that contains the soul has to deminish as the creater has fixed a time for it to die. We have all to go this was on our turn. What is eternal is the soul for with the body is a custodian for a short time.

    I have spent all my childhood in the neighbourhood watching the elders sitting in the shedows of appricot trees and discussing matters of how change is going to take place. We really enjoyed with respect the company of Late Faiz ullah (Poop Lolo), The great Polo player of his times Late Noran Baig, Late Khalifa Panah (my grand father), Late Kalb e Ali, all of them left this temporary world one by one.

    Then their next generations took their place who witnessed more change and infact sacrificed their working hands (young childern) and sent them to schools for getting educated. In my openion they were the real agents of change.

    Late Khushdil Khan was a very hard worker and a great social worker, a genuine volluntier.

    May Mowla bless his soul with peace and give courage to his family to bear this great loss…..Ameen.

    My deep condolences to his widow, sons, daughters, his brother, his grand childern and rest of the family member where ever they are in pursuit of their careers and future

    Sher Karim
    from Gulmit
    Now in Rawalpindi

  5. We extend our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family.

    Poop Khushdil was an active social activist and a humane and hardworking person. He struggled bravely to face the challenges of life in the last two years.

    May God rest his soul in eternal peace and give the family the strength to pass the days of mourning in calm and tranquality.

    Amin Beg and Shamshad

  6. Amre Ilahi,
    May God give uncle Khushdil Khan eternal peace.My condolence to his family.Ya, he was indeed a very active social worker of his time.


    I extend my heartfelt condolence to CLASS MATE Mr. AMEER ALI KHAN & the bereaved family.

    Baig Ali

  8. It is very sad to hear about PUP Khushdil Khan. My condolence to Sajjad Bhai and Baji Samina and all his family.
    May Allah give him eternal peace(Ameen)

  9. Dear Husham Sajjad and Family,
    It is a reality that everyone has to depart one dayfor the world which is eternal and the ultimate destination for all of us.
    A very well saying that this world is like a stage where different people come,play their role and then go.different people have different times to come and in the form of different characters.The characters which play their role more effectively,put a long lasting effect on the exceptional nervous minds and are remembered for generations and generations.
    It was really a sad moment when i heard of Pup Khushdil death.As mentioned above,he was a social worker,a great caretaker Moreover he was a good humanbeing.
    He was possessing a very soft nature and had a very cool personality.
    In the past few years I used to pay frequent visits to him and found him a very gentle man apart from what I had already heard of his good deeds.
    His contributions will always be cherished and the services he has rendered to the community is an emblem of sympathetic patronage.
    May Mawla bless his sole with peace(Ameen)
    I would like to extend my heartiet condolence to Husham Sajjad and his entire family.
    With regard
    Aslam Ghalib

  10. We share our deepest condolences with the bereaved family on our own and on behalf of our whole family members. May his soul rest in eternal peace (aamin).

    Ali Member, Karim Akbar & Qurban Rahim

  11. there is no word left to explain the greatness of my late grandpa as all of you have already explained. but one thing which i would like to share is that i have never seen any one such cool and wise person of his age.
    i would like to thank all of you on behalf of my whole family for showing your sympathies and honouring my late grandpa.
    than you
    amin salman

  12. I was dismayed to hear of Uncle Khushdil Khan’s passing. Here I extend my deepest sympathies and condolence to the bereaved family: naan Khenim Sultana, xou Ezzat Sultana, vroth Ameer Ali, Janan bHabi, vroth Ahmed Khan, vroth Sajjad and all those related. Uncle was always full of energy and optimism and all of you must be proud of him. He has directly or indirectly taught all of us that the best part of life is building good memories. I hope that the memories you built will help you all to “soldier on” through this difficult time.

    With Warmest Regards,

    Hajee Parveen Roy


    May God give uncle Khushdil Khan eternal peace.My condolence to his family, Amir Ali , Ahmed Khan, Gul Baig sb, Sister Janaan, and Sajjad .

  14. I knew uncle Khushdil Khan since late 60’s. I cenrainly believe that he was a .true active volunteer of his time.

    I remember 70’s- the way he used to encourage children to put their best efforts to get education. He was an innovative agriculturist, one of the first entreprenures and a wonderful human being.

    My Pup, Mum, parents and the village community in Passu had high respect for this wounderful person due to his contribution to community work and caring for others.

    I could not make it for the funeral and I feel sorry forr it but we did pray for his soul at Gul Baig and sister Jonon’s house where most of the Islamabad based Xhiks were present.

    I presume that Amir Ali , Jonon, Hizat Sultana, Ahmad Khan Sajjad Ali and other family members will build on the strengths of uncle to compliment collective actionsthrough voluneterism, which is most needed in the mountain society of the Karakarum.

    God bless his soul in permanent peace.


  15. I join in the prayers for the departed soul and condolence for the berieved family (Mrs Gul Beg, Gul Beg and others).

  16. It was a tragic and shocking moment for me and my family members when my bellowed father passed away on the 15th march 2008. He was suffering from cerebral vascular accident (CVA) since last two years. He was very active and energetic before the stroke- but these two years were very difficult period for him and was not convinced to accept it.

    Here I will just mention about my father as human being, as an active social member of the community or the Hero of the freedom of Gilgit-Baltistan 1948. It has been recognized by the community as well as the Government- awarded him Tamga-I Khidmate – Pakistan 1949.

    We all the family members are thank full to all those who supported us in this difficult period of time. We are deeply touched with the messages of condolence. We request to keep praying for the soul of my late father.
    Here I am personally thankfull to Pamir News and their visitors for your support and your kind comments.
    Sajjad A Khan and Family


  17. It is very sad to hear about PUP Khushdil Khan. My condolence to Sajjad Bhai and Baji Samina and all his family.
    May Allah give him eternal peace(Ameen)

  18. It is very sad to hear about the demisal of Pup Khushdil.
    May God rest his soul in peace.

  19. The sad news of uncle Khushdil Khan’s passing away is surely a period of grief for the family. Here we join in the prayers for the departed soul of the late uncle. our condolence goes to the family especially Amir Ali sahib, Ahmad Khan sahib, and sajjad sahib along with Mrs and Mr Gul Baig and all other relatives.

    Ali and Reshma

  20. Dear all family members, I extend my deepest sympathies and condolence to each one of you for this big loss. May God give peace to uncle’s soul and patience to all of you (Aamin). We are all with you emotionally.

  21. Dear ALL
    I on behalf of my wife & the breaved familyexpress my depesst gratitute on messages sent @kind words spelt out in respect of the personalty of my father in law.No doubt he reprsented very inspirig attitude interm of voluteer service and social work.May Allah bless his soul with peace.Amin.

  22. Dear Sajjad Bhai and all family members
    It is indeed a moment of grief for the family and for all those who were familiar with uncle and his social services but every individual has to pass one day. I extend my sympathy and condolence to the deceased family and prayer to all mighty for the eternal peace of the departed soul. My special condolence to Amir Ali, Ahmed Khan, Mrs. Gul Baig and Sajjad Bhai


  23. Its really very sad to hear about the death of PUP Khush Dil Khan
    May his soul rest in eternal peace. Our Condolence goes to his family.

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