Serena Hotel Gilgit financing students at Al Amyn Model School, Gulmit, Gojal

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Press Release

Gilgit Serena Hotel, as an initiative of its Social and Environmental Education Development  (SEED) Program, has chosen two deserving student of Al – Amyn Model School, Gulmit, Mr. Liaqat Karim and Saeed Sultan, for provision of financial assistance (school books, school tuition fee, and school uniform). General Manager of Gilgit Serena Hotel, Mr. Rashid-ud-Din presented cheques to the students at Al Amyn, in presence of the principal Mr Nazir Ahmad Bulbul.

He was accompanied by Sales Manager, Mr. Asghar Khan. The students were selected based on the recommendations of the school principal. Both the students have good academic records.

This SEED initiative would help Serena Hotel in developing bridges and creating strategic relations with local communities. Gilgit Serena Hotel also provides Weekly Time and Newsweek Magazines to the Al-Amyn Model School Library, regularly.


Editor’s Note: We have also received a document explaining the role, objectives and history of SEED. The readers interested in obtaining this document are requested to inform us on our email address ( We can email you the document, if you need.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Please send me more information about Serena Hotel SEED Program.



  2. i apperciade the services being offerd by SERENA HOTEL GILGIT for the students of Al-Amyn model school gulmit its a unique initiative taken by the hotel managment to enhance education in the area and helping students on need basis i hope the hotel managment will expend thier way of helping for more students in future…..

    Didar Karim Bari
    NUML university islamabad

  3. Al Amyn school has a good record and it has a healthy nurturing environment from where many tellented students have shown thier performances in the last one decade.the SEED program will i hope give more opportunities to the students.
    best of luck to the studentds and Serena Hotel Management.
    AAj TV

  4. I remember Zig Ziglar’s quote, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

    Thanks SEED for sowing nice seeds in a fertile field.

    LOVE and PRAYERS for all your doings

    Proud student of Al Amyn

  5. It is a good initiative taken by the Serena Hotel management in the field of education, which provides new hop to the upcoming generation.

    Thanks & Regards

  6. Multinational Companies have no regard for local populations, and their ultimate aim is to exploit local resources and make profits. There are countless examples of MNCs whose activities have damaged local economies, violated human rights and dis-regarded local traditions and cultures. Think of Union Carbide in India whose leakage of a hazardous gas in one of its plants in Bhopal killed more than fifteen thousand people. Union Carbide susbequently abondened the local people and they have never been tried in court of law or made responsible. That is how all the MNCs operate in their search for unbridled profit oppurtunities.
    However what distinguishes corporte units within AKDN is a serious commitment for social development. Take examples of Roshan in Afghanistan and Serena hotles around the globe. These profit-making entities have always demonstrated sustained interest in taking social responsibility very seriously. However, it is important to keep the managment of these corporate entities, informed of the overarching goals of AKDN and its values, under whose banner they operate.
    It is really a good news that Serena is contributing something in the marginalised communities of our area.

  7. i just luved al amyn and i wish to be back in this school but this desire cant be fulfilled.with tnx zubair ahmed tajik

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