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29th Anniversary of Radio Pakistan – Gilgit Celebrated


Famous Shina poet and singer Jan Ali performing

 April 03: Radio Pakistan Gilgit celebrated its 29th anniversary at a local hotel in Gilgit. Chief Executive of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, Chief Secretary, advisors, officials of Radio Pakistan, government officials, representatives of NGOs and notables of the city attended the event.

Mr. Ahmed Jami Sakhi made a brief, yet impressive,  speech about Wakhi people, their language and requested for an increase in the duration of Wakhi Radio Program “Sado-e-Bom-e-Dunyo” from thirty minutes to one hour daily. He said that the Wakhi program catered valuable cultural services for the Wakhi people living in Chitral, Ghizar and Gojal regions of Gilgit – Baltistan. He further said that thousands of people living around the Pamir Mountains listen to the Wakhi program and want its duration to be increased.

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Riaz Ahmed Riaz did Wakhi comparing during the event. The famous young singer Ahmed Aziz presented Nazir Ahmed Bulbul’s song.  Mr Mirza Pana Khan Wakhani from Wakhan sang Riaz Ahmed Riaz’s song which tempted Al Waiz Muhammad Aslam, Ahmed Jami Sakhi and Rehan Shah to dance. Their Wakhi cultural dance was highly appreicated. This program was broadcasted live by Radio Pakistan.

Apart from Wakhi cultural items artists from other mainstream cultures of Gilgit – Baltistan also presented beautiful cultural songs and engaging dance performances during the event. The most famous poet of Shina language Jan Ali enthralled the audience with his song, his mastery of flute and his unique singing style.

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  1. The communication era has developed very much and has an influence almost in every aspect of life in one way or other. The celebration of radoi pakistan gilgit is a step towards the enhancement of electronic media.
    i was glad to read about the demand of Ahmad jammi Sakhi for the extension of time duration for wakhi programe.
    i would like to bring in information of the people who are concerned with this field and the others who are running the area that it would be more better if we will collectively demand for some time space in PTV programs.(on north level).
    PTV NATIONAL has specified time for almost all the regions of the country so where we are?????????????
    Amjad Ali
    AAJ TV

  2. You people have really done a great job to celebrate our rich culture.

    being far away from Gilgit, we feel we r in Gilgit. The credit goes to YOU…

    Keep it up

  3. Good to hear the goodnews on the 28th animversary celebration of Radio Pakistan Gilgit. Felcitation to all the cultural communities affiliated with Radio Pakistan.

    The demand by the respective community & listers of the Wakhi program from RP for “extension of the duration from half an hour to one hour” is a just demand represented by Ahmad Jami Sakhi. I personally had brought messages from in audio form from the respective Pamiri listeners in China and Afghanistan. The listeners of the Waki Barmoma very enthusisatically listen this program. These liseterns very strongly recommended the respective authorities of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation to extend the time period from half hour to at least one hour. I hope that voices and concerns of these international communities would be honored by extending the program’s time period.

    I 100% agree with Amjad’s view that the despressed and supressed community of the so-called Northern Areas of Pakistan represented by their poltical leaders must awake and demand for places in the TVs. I would further add that there should be a separate TV channel for the communities of the Northern Areas so that to contribute positively towards the holistic develpkent of the people. If Government of Paksitan is void of giving the legal and other fundmental rights to the people of the region, at least she should heal the wounds of the oppressed people by providing them a TV station as she has given to the people of Kashmir.

    Voices of the people should come up in an united manner. Our respected remote controled Chief Executive along with his members at least stan for this genuine demand, if cannot provide us our constitutional and other rights.

  4. I appologize for the spelling mistakes in my writtings. A very bad habit of mine, after composition, I don’t bother myself. But am hopeful that the message is being passed and this is important.

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