Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

Yaum-e-Aashur observed in a peaceful environment across Gilgit – Baltistan

Gilgit: Mourners during the Ashura procession in Gilgit. Pamir Times/Mon Digital

Asim Iqbal

Gilgit: Youm-e-Ashur was observed with sanctity amid tight security across Gilgit – Baltistan.

Processions were taken out in all cities and towns of the mountainous region, in which thousands of people paid homage to Shuhada-e-Karbala.

Main procession in Gilgit was taken out from central Imamia Mosque. Thousand of mourners reciting Nohas and beating their chests passed through the traditional routes. Hundred of participants also performed self-flagellation, to express agony and sorrow in remembrance of the sufferings of the  Hazrat Imam Hussain(A.S) and his family,who were treated inhumane by the army of Yazid.

In Sakrdu 14, the headquarters of Baltistan, procession were taken out from different Imam Barghas. CM Mahdi Shah also participated in main the procession. Tight security arrangements were made on this occasion hundreds of security personals were deployed while walk through gates were also installed on the entry points of processions. Helicopter was also used for aerial monitoring.

Reporters add– The residents of Gilgit – Baltistan also performed Ashura in other parts of the country. Anjuman-e-Imamia Baltistania organized a procession in Rawalpindi which was attended by thousands of Rawalpindi based residents of Baltistan.

Processions were also taken in Ganish (Hunza), Nagar valley, Ghanche, Skardu and Astore in a peaceful environment.

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