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Mountan Link opens franchise office in Hunza


Press Release

Aliabad, Hunza: The Mountain Link (Authorized Franchisee – Northern wireless) inaugurated its franchise in Hunza on Monday. The Northern wireless is a joint venture of SCO and Diallog having an objective to provide cost effective and stable voice and data service in all parts of Northern Area (Gilgit-Baltistan).The company has, for the first time, introduced CDMA technology in the area.

Mr. Jan Mohammad, Managing Director of Mountain Link ,was host of the opening session whereas Ali Anwar, Zonal Sales Manager, represented Diallog.

Chief Guest Ghulam Ali, CEO, KADO and Honorary Secretary Ismaili Regional Council for Hunza formally inaugurated the outlet by performing ribbon-cutting ceremony. A large number of people including representatives of business communities and civil society organizations were present at the occasion.

Mr. Jan Mohammad welcomed the guests and the Zonal Sales Manager briefed the guests regarding the products. He said the Northern wireless has been established to provide quality internet and voice service in the area, which has become the need of the modern era. The Chief Guest stressed the need to ensure quality services to the community in order to get competitive advantage in the telecom sector.

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  1. Congratulation for the newly opened Mountain Link being the pioneer of the new technology CDMA in Hunza. Credit goes to you Peoples.

    Gohar Shah
    GC University

  2. Congratulation to Jan Muhammad on establishing the first ever telecom initiative of private sector in the region. I hope this link proves to be a real link to our future telecom needs and will succeed in providing better services to the people for voice and data communication which is a crucial prerequisite for development in this competitive world

    I wish the Northern Link success

    Sher Karim

  3. It is indeed the energetic effort of Zonal Sales Manager of Diallog -Ali Anwer, who fulfilled the ever long demand of residentsof Hunza for without wire phone and internet services.
    As being from Gojal we are proud of Jan Mohmmad -MD-Northern Wirless for initiating bold steps in the field of communication and specially dealing with organization like SCO
    We do hope both MD and ZSM will soon provide such services to the Gojal specially to the remote area.
    Congratulation to Northern Wirless team and Ali Anwer ZSM-Diallog

  4. We been the victims of SCo for decades and in this 21century there system still does not work and it takes ages to get connected from ouside the country. How come we expect better from a joint venture with SCO

  5. Congratulation to Mr.Jan Muhammad and your Team for estaablishing Mountain Link in Aliabad Hunza.


  6. congrates chachu for the newly established telecom and internet service in HUNZA i hope people will benefit from the entire service congrates Ali Anwer for your good efforts…..

    Didar Karim
    RF Gilgit

  7. Congratulations to Mountain Group of Companies.. wish them success in future and hope they will help in extension to Gojal side.

  8. Congratulation to Jan Muhammad sb and Ali Anwer for establishing Mountain Link in Aliabad Hunza.

    When will Mountain link operates services in GULMIT and other parts of Gojal???



  9. Congratulation to Jan and Ali Bahi
    For your good efforts and step and we hop it will soon establishes in all Gojal too.

    With best wishes
    Ali aman

  10. Congratulations Jan Mohammad Bhai. Great efforts, We are all proud of you, Mostly our people are always reluctant to take risks, in business or invest their money, rather they prefer to have a simple job, and become happy with their monthly salary. We need people like you, who are ready to take risks, and instread of remaining an employee, becoming employers.



  11. YA Junaid,
    U r 100% right. we r till of the mind of small salaried duties. We dont go for large scale business. Business needs big heart to take risk n we r nat till able. Some of us r doing well in this field like MD Jan Mohd. we all requires to increase our small entreprenours. That our economic condition will b strong then.

  12. Thanks to all for encouraging comments, we are trying our best to really link all villages of gojal (including Chipurson and Shimshal) to the rest of world by data and voice.

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