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SDP Board of director offers Honarary Chairmanship to Mir Ghazanfar

Hunza, April 29: An urgent meeting of the newly appointed Board of Directors of Silk Route dry Port Trust was held on April 28 at Sost Dry Port. The directors have unanimously approved many resolution. The directors stressed Mir Ghazanfar, Atiqa Ghazanfar and Saleem Khan shall accept the election results of the sost port trust, held on March 23, 2008, near the palace of Mir Ghazanfar in Karimabad Hunza. The directors requested Northern Areas Administration to give legal cover to the election to avoid any negative impact on Pak-China relationship.

They demanded from Mir Ghazanfar and Saleem Khan to appologise from Ismaili Council for challenging the decisions of its nominated reconciliation committee in court. They also demanded that they apologise from the land owners, and other share holders for the corruption, nepotism and mismangagement. They also resolved that if these conditions were fulfilled then they could offer Mir Ghazanfar the title of an Honrary Chairman of the joint venture.

The directors condemned the unnecessary interference of Saleem Khan and Eman Shah in the affairs of the Sost port and decided that they will not be allowed to enter port to avoid any law and order situation. In the past Saleem Khan had beaten chinese workers of the port and also threatened other workers with dire consequences if they interfered in whatever he was doing.

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  1. Not acceptable….He will disintegrate everything with the passage of time, this is his family tactic. Through him out and submit his share to the banks where he has been declared default.

  2. I dont’ think there is a need to offer any sort of position to these people, they simply do not deserve it. All along I have been stressing that the people should keep Ghazanfar out of all activities which involve finances. I had opposed making Ghazanfar a part of the dry port project since its inception (although nobody cared about what i said then). It was like the wolf shepherding the herd.
    The last few years have been disasterous for SDP, the new management needs to extremely cautious, we do not want another situation where ” so few have looted so much from so many”.

    PS: If the new management wants to so generous they are welcomed to appoint me as the “Honarary Chairman”.

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