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Asst. Collector Sost custom wants media personnel to present positive image

Hunza, April 02: The Assistant Collector, Sost Custom, Dr. Imran Massod Khan has stressed media reporters to present facts and positive image of the region in order to attract traders to use this route for trade. He was talking with media reporters yesterday at Sost Dry Port after resuming his office.

He said, the port issue is between two rivals trustees groups and we will not interfere in this issue. He said that our policy is to facilitate traders in order to generate revenue and boost economy. On a question from a reporter, he said that i will discuss with port authorities to ensure safety of the trade goods within the port premises.

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  1. Thats a good piece! We need to promote the positive image of the region. I hope the internet-based media is careful about this aspect

    In order to promote the positive image of the Sost Custom and Immigration, there is a need to make the services business-like, provide facilities and services to traders and travelers, reduce duties and make the handling more transparent and accountable.

    One of the negative impact of the Dry Port Trust issue, is no body is looking at and talking about the corruption and realtime problems the traders are facing?

    How much is the custom Office in Sost contributing to local development in Sost and for that matter the Northern Areas?

    Everybody in Sost knows about the ‘chain’ and the border mafiosi that operates, would the new government and for that matter the PPP and PML-N leaders of NAs dare make the custom and immigration more responsive to a ‘trade and tourist friendly border station’?

    Can they collect a ‘NAs Development Fund’ as they collect Kohistan Development fund at Sost??

  2. Well done! I agree with the points raised by Amin Beg on the media’s image (their roles and responsibilities), highlighting a facets of facts regarding Customs and Immigration. So holds true to the Anti Narcotics as well. NATCO and PTDC also need to improve the quality of their services.

  3. What is the point of taking Kohistan Development Fund being charged at Sost. It is a big question for the authorities, our politicians.

    Isn’t this a simple case of ignorance on part our Northern Areas administration and high handedness of NWFP.

    What is our Northern Areas Legistlative Assembly doing to protect the rights of area in the case of Diamer-Bhasha Dam project.


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