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Successful Kidney Transplant of Daulat Sher Khan in USA

by Habiba Begum  (Georgia – USA)

A couple of months ago Pamir Times Magazine published a news regarding the need for a kidney donor. The kidney was needed by Daulat Sher Khan, originally from Gulmit Gojal, settled in USA.  Recently she went through a successful Transplant surgery at Emory Hospital here in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the grace of Allah she is recovering, and we would like to thank all those who sent many useful information and shared their good wishes and prayers with Daulat and her family. Believe me, your emails and messages really touched her and gave her more strength and she will be still counting on your prays for her quick recovery.

Also, many thanks to the great team of pamir times for their time and effort for providing the platform to keep us connected.

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  1. Dear aunty,
    Many many congretulations for having a successful kidney transplantation.We are really happy and it is pertinent to mention here that the inception of a new and more vivid life had sprouted out with this success.
    Hope you will enjoy your life having things settled.
    with great wishes
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. Ifeel great pleasure to know my sister Daulat Sher has recovred, on behalf of my family extend deepest congratulation to her @ her family on this happy moment.It is also added we are remembering her after decades.

  3. Congrats first to DAULAT Bhabee and special congrats to HABIBA for her time, and keeping alive the rituals of Gojal Hunza, alive in USA.

    Regards and Salam to all in Wakhs of Atlanta and living in other states t of GREAT USA

  4. heartiest conngratulations for the successful operation unty ….
    GOD BLESS U N may u have a safe n happy life afterwards…………

  5. Dear Daulat Shair
    First of all Muborak,and next you need not to worry You name will protect and give you more .Daulat, to give more and more in life and wealth of happiness and more second Shair to give you the power to deal with difficult and hard challenges so be cool.
    hope you only see life in a perfect way.


  6. congratulation voch praying for your fast recovery
    God bless u ………

  7. Dear Aunty,

    A bundle of congrats for having a successful kidney transplantation. Everyone in the family is very happy back here to get this news and all of them are saying to convey their congratulations and best regards to you, uncle sher and all family members. May Allah give you a long and happy life and add life in your years. (Aamin)

  8. Ya Ali Madad
    i am very happy to hear about your successful kidney transplantation.

    (millions of congratulation)

    “health is wealth”so may God give you a good health.

  9. Dear Aunty

    Many many congratulations.

    I am very happy to hear about your kidney transplantation. ”May God give you long life.”(Ameen)

    My dad says many many congratulations to you.

  10. Dear Khui Doulat

    I am really very happy that you have got a very successful kidney transplant. I remember reading about your ailment on these pages but don’t think had send a sent get well message, sorry for not doing that then but believe me my heart sank and all my good wishes where with you then and are now. Best of luck and you will get well soon.

  11. many many congrats on ur successful operation . will be praying for ur steady recovery inshallah :), hope ur fine in no time
    apprecitae the work done by pamir times

  12. dear aunty
    congrate on your successfull transplantation may molw will protect you more and given you a new life take care and take care of your health….

    Didar KArim Bari

  13. congrate for a successful operation from my side and my family in gilgit

  14. Congratulations and pray for her speedy recovery.

    Sajjad and Samina

    Riyadh -Saudi Arabia

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