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Youth from Hunza held protests in Islamabad

Islamabd, May 10: A large number of youth from Hunza, living in the twin cities Islamababd-Rawalpindi, held a protest demonstration in front of Islamabad press club. They were demanding basic human rights for the people of Gilgit – Baltistan. The protest was led by Rehmat Aliand Aziz Jan of the Peoples Youth Organisationa and Naik Alam and Ajaz Karim of the Peoples Student Federation. The participants were holding banners with slogans about corruptions and mismanagements in Sost Dry Port during last years. 

The protestors demanded that the new Government must give basic human and constitutional rights to Gilgit-Baltistan and declare the region as fifth province of Pakistan. They also demanded for an independent judiciary and additional seats for Hunza, Nagar Ghizer and Ghanche in Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA). Terming the present cabinet of NALA as illegitimate they demanded holding of fresh elections for the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly.

They urged the national and international media to not mix and use the name of Northern Areas for the problem hit areas of NWFP and Tribal areas. They demanded that the region be renamed to avoid such ‘hurting’ confusions. 

They demanded for an international level compensation for the affectees of Diamer-Basha Dam and KKH expanstion and stressed that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan shall  be taken into confidence before initiating such mega projects.

The protesters ‘condemned the involvement of Chief Executive Northern Areas in mismanagement and corruption in Sost Dry Port and demanded for an independent investigation’. They also demanded for a fresh election of NALA. The participants further demanded to establish technical and professional institute in Gilgit-Baltistan.

They demanded governement facilitation in creation and expansion of  opportunities in border trade, customs and related areas and called for development of a proper mechanism to deal with the menace of smuggling across the border. They also demanded from the governement to develop a comprehensive strategy to harness local handicraft and natural resources and provide proper facilities for tourism sector.


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  1. Why the others indepandent resources has not publish the issue of DPS, during the protest of Hunza PYO & PSF activists in Islamabad.As K2 daily has publish the news report of protest but not mentioned regarding Sost Dry port.
    I think before publish any news on blog, will cominucate with other news men and related persons.

  2. Dear Rehmat Karim

    I appreciate your concern about verification of the news. We are in the process of obtaining pictures of this protest. You can then read the banners and get satisfied about its authenticity.

    I don’t know what makes you think that the said daily is more authentic than our own sources. They being a large establishment have a lot on stake if they write against those at the helm of power. We have nothing to lose, on the other. That’s why we publish the entire truth but they publish the half truth that to many people seems to be the full truth. I hope you understand. Sost Port being an integral part of Gojal is more important for us than those running other newspapers.



  3. Dear Readers,

    We are publishing news after verifying it from orignal sources. You can read the news as it is in K2 just skiping Port issue. The issue is very clear that the regional media personnel are mostly under the influence and freindship of the the Big Bosses.

    You can take the example of Geo. The reporter Mr. Sahadat Ali Mujahid personally visited dry port and interviewd community members during the take over however the news was broadcasted after 3 days while giving full coverrage for the point of view of the second party. Mr. Sahadat and Emann Shah are also affiliated with K-2 . Bang-e-sahar and other newspaper have given due coverage to the issue.

    We have published the orignal letter of Chief Executive to President however the local media has not highlighted this, in which he regards the local community as miscreants and illwishers. why ?????

    We will welcome critiques on news items however will present only truth.


  4. Dear Zulfi
    You have witnessed the reality and have propagated it on your platform. But on other side the reporting of GEO was false and bias. GEO is an controlled and recognized organization than why don’t you use your platform and send in an email to the concerned department (GEO) about the reporting and about the reporter. They should know the reality; you should inform them about what really is going on and what they are propagating. False reporting will go negative to their reliability

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