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Borith Village faces water shortage because of Glacial Movements

By Asghar Khan

Borith, May 11: Borith Payeen is facing sever water shortage because of water supply from the nearby glacier has been cut off due to the unusual movements. The villagers were used to digging water channels, on annual basis, from the Ghulkin glacier but this year there is no chance to build it up, again because of the unusual movmeents of the glacier. The villagers, now, seek the support of Government institution and donor agencies to help saving their crops and trees from getting destroyed. The community also seeks support from neighboring villages for rebuilding the water channel for irrigation.

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  1. This is geniune issue of the borith from past decades, some times the water increases and some time there are facing shortage of water. the ultimate solution for saving the crops and trees from destroyed is to dig a temprory channel from Gulkins through help of volunteers and young fellows. this is called in reall mean of frontier less brother hood. we had such memoriable experience of helping togather in such problems, and our political leaders, social activits has to take part for locating funds from Govt organizations and NGOs. inshallah there would not be issue of water this year, if we do unite togather for resolve the issue.

  2. ATTN:
    Chief Secartery Northern Areas of Pakistan.
    DG. LB & RD
    Comandant (FCNA)
    WWF (NGO)
    Tourism Board Northern Areas
    Chief Executive (Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan)
    Mrs. Fozia Salim Member N.A’s Baltistan.

    Thanks Dear Asghar Khan,
    You have brought a such geniune issue regarding the Borith water problem is in pending since the mir of Hunza’s times is laying need kind attenation and it is a such chellenging target to our all above mentioned officials and to NGO’S.

    In all over northern areas we have some basic touristic points which need important attenation for it’s need and Borith Gojal Hunza is one of them not only for the water as well as for a metal road from the near by KKH need attenation it is not more then 1 kilometer to build up a new road for all villagers Gulkin, Hussani, Gulmit, Borith as well as for Passu too. Most of the area is dray from Hussani upto borith and surrondings to shlamar and down to passu. This is the only area in the region which badly needed water as this area is alwayes on the peak for the tourists as well as for local, oicials, schools, colleges, and for pakistanis travllers.

    I request being a villager of this area to all above mentioned resource officials, NGO’s and to all those donors kindly do somthing quickly for the Borith Village to provide water even to uplift from the river. It is not imposiable within two three years it can be green like other areas as Borith Village and Borith Lake Area is very Important more then Karimabad Hunza.

    I thank you to all officials and to NGO’s in this regard and for an urgent attenation is needed. 9Thank you)

    Sultan Karim
    A Villager Of Borith Lake and
    Tourism Related since 1982

    Contact Cell: 092-3355209599

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