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Pictory 11: The return of Justice Chaudhary

Justice Iftikhar will resume his office on 22nd March, according to PM’s address, last night. What does this reinstatement augur for us, the people of Gilgit – Baltistan? Let’s discuss_.


PICTORY is the acronym for Picture Story and Pamir Times uses these pictures containing stories to generate debates on various issues. This is the eleventh discussion in the Pictory series.  Nur_.

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  1. inqlab hum layenge,, insaf hum dillayenge,,,,,,,,, ye taqaza hai waqt ka ki ab hum aik ho jaye,,,,,,,,,,,,, kuch naya ho jai,,,,,,,, dukh mil bant le OR keh dain jahan ko,,,,,,,,,,, ki hum PAKISTANI hai,,,,,,,,, ki hum PAKISTANI hai,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    bashir khan roy

  2. With this historic reinstatement of Judiciary, President Asif Ali Zardari has proven him self as the great politician, and Gilgit -Baltistan constitutional package is not far…….. but just less than two months ………….

    We are proud of the PPP commitment toward Gilgit Baldistan ….

  3. I dont think so that Zardari has any commitment towar Gilgit Baltistan…nor he has any contribution in development of Gilgit Baltistan…we can forsee his declining trend…..

  4. I dont see any signs of providing any kind of justice for GB by Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. He is reinstated just because of politcal pressure from Major Political parties of our country. Other lawyers like aitizaz and Kurd played Iftikhar card to create a platform to themselves for a politcal take off. They have nothing to do with Iftikhar chaudhry. People like Sharif Brothers played the chess board for self intrests by offering their symphthies with CJ of Pakistan. It is high time for people of GB to come forward and do something for themselves. We need no to wait for any kind of help from pakistani’s. They are not going to help us and resolve matters. All the time they fool us and give greed by offering fake packages. Like giving a post of chief exective to Ghazani and other packages are given just to engage us and divert our minds from real matters that we face today. I request all blog readers to write about a real action and strategy, we should not believe or wait for pakistanis.

    Long Live Gilgit Baltistan.


    Salman Abbas Hunzai

  5. PPP it self is a gigantic political party in Pakistan, but Zardari him self is one of the fraudulent person. In my point of view he didn’t has any option except to bring back Justice Chaudhary. This was good sign of progress Pakistan. We should think first Pakistan and then any party. for Zardari this is the first time he can enjoy.. no next time for him…ZARDARI ONE OF CROOKED PERSON…

  6. I slightly disagree with Ruzdor when he says Zardari has proven himself a great politician by restoring the Chief Justice. Everybody knows Zardari never want his restoration. It was the public movement lead by many others, that actually made it happen.

    About Northern Areas, I do not think if PPP is really going to give something (constitutional rights??) to the People of Northern Areas in the next two month, though Mr. Kaira in a talk show at Geo TV said this, but I don’t think he will give up his lucrative position to the People of GB. We all need to remember one thing, it is not the PPP once lead by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, or Benazir Bhutto, it is a totally different party lead by someone with his own insterests. They are not ready even to discuss a minor issue of GB in the National Assembly by always calling it a sensative issue that can not be discussed that way.

    Restoration of CJ may help people of GB, I wish this GB case goes to the Supreme court or he takes notice of this issue by himself and give a historical decision.


  7. What a chess game between the two parties but a few know that there was a deal. I do agree with Junaid about the PPP’s situation.
    I think there is no any image to work for GB.
    Why we would be dependent upon them.
    We are not giving vote for them. What will they do for us.NATHING NATHING.
    In thus aspect Musharraf was far better.
    we have to relay upon our own resources.

  8. we shouldn’t post these kind of news and pictures at least on this PT blog, they are already on each and every news peppers and TV channels of Pakistan, they have done nothing for GB, and truly speaking this drama of reinstatement of CJ and restoration of Judiciary doesn’t really mean anything for the people of Northern Areas,
    Ruzdo: Zardari didn’t proved him self a great politician, he was forced to do that, there was no choice left for him he had to take this decision to save Islamabad, and we have seen many times such fake commitments or packages for GB…..yeh we should be proud of PPP but please not at this time of the period with this kind of leadership…….


  9. Guys,

    Pakistan is very rich in its mineral resources, but it’s not the only limestone or marble that Pakistan has, Pakistan also have very excellent numbers of Analysts and Economists, they are also priceless like the minerals and all but with a stipulation that “If they work”. On 16th March morning when Prime Minister of Pakistan reinstate the Chief Justice of Pakistan, everyone was happy and all roaring that it was because of the Long March, but that’s not the only consequence after a successful Long March. As our analysts perceives that, as matching with the history all the previous Long marches were successful and bring results. It’s true but incomplete. Long march un doubtly bring results but every one forgot to mention or quote that not favorable results every time, sometimes un favorable.

    The reinstatement of suspended Chief Justice may be good for Pakistan but it’s not good for the people of Pakistan and especially for the peoples of the northern region i-e Peoples of GB. There will be a high proportion that may be after the reinstatement he jeopardized the life of those who were responsible for his suspension, and don’t forget that his reinstatement is based upon the endless efforts of other lawyers as well as those political parties who are good for nothing, they just made their ways in accordance with the reinstatement of Chief Justice and after that they supposed to get the favorable response from him by hook or by crook.

    As far as Gilgit -Baltistan constitutional package is concern; until we don’t have any political representative who stands against the odds for us, but before then that there is no probability for such Packages …

    Kind Regards,

    Sihat Ali
    HBL, Karachi

  10. dear all readers

    One should’t be too much optimistic about the drama, yeah the supreme institution of the country in its true sense need to be freed from these so called politicians but one could’t imagine that every one have there own intrest of games where they are playing with these innocent and pious people. wheather its iftikhar chudry or other actors they have their own agenda, so lets see what it meant for the depressed but sincere people of this country….i think its just aday celebration and the drama will stard again with other personal issues of these actors, where they real issues of the peoples will remain worst for decades.

    Truly we need a revolutionery leader like Mao, Zhou, AttaTurk, and Khamannni to bring the country on right track.

    Note: i m aplogizing if some one’s take it against their perception.

    Warmth Regards,

    Shahid Ali

  11. re-instatement of CJ would not resolve our all issues, it can be termed as a good sign and first step towards the independence of judiciary, it’s the start, always be remember that courts take decisions and judgments, they do not have the right to implement those decisions, it’s the Administration who play their role in executing all the judgments, there is a need to change the entire system, judiciary should be given enough autonomous, it should be separated from the admin, right now it depends upon the administration for yearly budget, extensive debate and negotiations are required to discuss this issue.

    There is a question when CJ Sajjad Ali Shah was sacked from SC in the end of 1997 as a result of planned revolt, why people and lawyers community did not raised this issue and started their campaign for the restoration of CJ?

    All the recent developments became possible due to the role of print and electronic media, when we talk about the freedom of media then all the credit and clap goes to our former president Mr. Musharraf, we should acknowledge the truth and reality.

    Shah Zaman


  13. … d president really sure where NORTHERN AREA iz situated!!!!!!!!!!! d thense he wrote ————MAY GAAD (GOD)GIVE US THE STREET(STRENGTH) TO SAVE PAKISTAN

  14. I think we should support all the efforts which brings the mainstream polical parties of the county togethers because the stability of GB is depends stability in the Centre. I would say if institutions at federal level are strengthened that would no doubt impact institutions in our area.
    It is a win win situation and we all are happy for this… please avoid comments with full of emotion but with out justifications

  15. how good to see a new change. lets hope for the best and prepare ourselves for the future of our country.

  16. Thanks PT for giving us opportunity to share reflections.
    Although the restoration of the judiciary is a good news for the people of Pakistan, but it is like “too late, too little”. the same actions could have been taken by the Prime minister or president even just after February 18, 2008.
    lets see the real story will start from 21st April 2009, and hope to see that the Apex Court should provide basic human rights to the people of under privileged areas such as Gilgit-Baltistan and other vulnerable beings.
    thanks and regards
    Sharif khan

  17. What a day! Movement war of words! Should I say that This PPP, what is Banazir or the Zordari are in favour of my life that I’m compressed oppressed, by the people who have stopped looking feeling me. What Im, yes that They have recognized me as One of them , the one that has the identity but can use it. He has the language but not allowed.
    You the people of north are not even animals, If Im wrong you can consult the 1973 Constitution. You are not part of any page set as to the right to the wishes.
    You can never be treated as equal, but yes we are happy that we have the highest literacy rate, are we??????? Then why aren’t we unable to read our right to be called human of this PAKISTAN.
    Yes we don’t have time for that ,,,,,,,,,,,
    So let us talk about Chodarey Iftequar or Zardari or of GEO, or or or ,,,,,,,, we have the intellect that vision the time that can be spared for other.
    Do not be negative, though the world is in front of you that world that you can listen too but does not have the law to hear your voice, life is so good ….
    Lets talk about Iftiquar Chaodray what a great man he is, what he did , ooow he saved his AC, office what an achievement , he that man, he is my ideal man yes he make me say that I’m the proud Pakistan , I love and will die for this country, like many , should I die yes , this is my moral duty my religious teaching .
    Nawas Sharif , he is the man, no its wrong that he become billionaire with in 20 years , He is not a Zia Product , no he is educated and what ever he did was good for the Pakistan people as I selected him because I voted for him, O sorry Yes I was not given the right to Vote by law of this country , but so what I like him I have the right to dream and love people, many be he never know what is NA, who cares,
    Let’s talk about the Present Judiciary, yes I can trust for proper responses, yes my Judge I Gilgit, No I’m wrong he is not to report an uneducated mister form Islamabad ,
    Let talk about ……………………… Dead proclaimed people form the North can’t talk… because ever part of the world has some identity which we misss
    Be proud and let talk about Iftiquar Chohdary ,Zardariy and Sharif people

  18. Dear All,
    With announcement by the prime minister regarding the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry following retirement of Chief and the end of long march, the nation breathe a sigh of relief. It brings to an end the air of confrontation that had polarised the nation at a time when Pakistan needs reconciliation to deal with critical national issues.
    I appreciate all those heros who worked hard for the reinstoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudry.
    I hope a President and Prime Minister will take a step to give proper rights for the people of Gilgit and Baltistan.

  19. well…! its a gr8 news bt i think dat da PPP hs lost its popularity…i wish if president Zardari hd shown some flexibilty early,dn it might b very peacful…

  20. oppppppppps i am bambooozled,if the mentalilty we have equal to those of Others,regarding this pictorial sahab in Red roses!
    naming it revolution, evolution, new pakistan and independce of judiciary, what so ever it has been named or naming, to me it is not a surprize, still Zerooo, I found this no more then the FUNNY story of Saadat Minto..”THE NEW CONSTITUTION” and the supporters, no more then the Caochman, Mangooo.
    the true face of this man had been on the screen and on the pages but who cares for this country, it was same chanted about Zardari by those illfated people now relishing his leadership. people have no sense of realization, at least we must have the understanding better then others,being literate and rate our mauturity level,
    most of dear commentators have rightly figured out the dificiencies within the people ,Govt and the Zaradari today’s Zordari is impossible to expound,

    let it go as ,the kinds have been observed, promises and breaks, like snow balls of such kind of men’s. so there is nothing to expect ,form these very unruly politicians and jugdes, and don’t be in fools paradise ,such as Mangu Coachman.
    may all you do is greater then these flimsy promises, and your standing is very ironic and progressive,DYM. grow now!

  21. although the judiciary has became independent but i think that these are the people who dont have always forced the poor people of pakistan, Nawaz Sharif has just supported the judges for his personal intrest, so there will not be proper judgment in Pakistan. all the parties are playing politics for their personal banefits.

  22. well..
    Zardari did not reinstated The Judges, he was forced to do that, defintly the credit goes to Nawaz Sharif. and to Zinda Dilan E Lahore. at least Nawaz Sharif Stood by his comittment…Zardari only destoryed the image of PPP..


  23. this is indeed a good and a big change. we all wish we had seen an independent judiciary in our country before years. it means our political system has got a track now and corruption would be reduced. zardari has to be careful haha. lets see the starting of a new game in politice. we wish you a luck PPPs.

  24. The judiciary in Pakistan has been, both, victim and perpetrator of actions that have tarnished its image as an equitable, trust worthy and neutral doer of justice. This, no boudt, has dire consequences for the concept of ‘patriotism’ – taken positively.

    Many ‘ghaddars’ have taken the rebelious course because of ‘injustices’ committed by state machinary, policies and tactics. So, the lack of faith and, also, trust in the judicial system’s ability to mend itself.

    Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the current process of changes, in potential, has the ability to compensate on various fronts.

    It is important to realize that Supreme Court of Pakistan, in a verdict of 1999, had directed the governmnet to grant complete citizenship status and rights to the people of ‘Northern Areas” (Gilgit – Baltistan).

    We, at least, can expect Justice Itikhar Chaudhary to raise the issue of our region’s constitutioanl status at the apex level. Justice Chaudhary has demostrated the strength of character and the boldness required to take, heads on, issues of common interest. The case of Gilgit – Baltistan is one such issue requring his attention and attention of the leaders of lawyers’ movement, including Mian Nawaz Sharif.

    I request the senior commentators of PT to kindly take this discussion forward by sharing their views on restoration of the judges and its consequences for all of us.


  25. Long March triumphed and the judges are back. The shattered image of Pakistan was a big question mark for those who believe in rule of law and supermacy of constitution. We can clain that this land is not belong to religious thugs, suicide bombers, assassins and butcher. The lawyers,journalists,civil society activists and political workers foild the joint plan of Zardari and Musharraf. NRO was suicide jacket planted by the Bush adminstration around Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. She realised the gournd realities and distanced herself from the so called reconciliation.
    Zardari did his best to block the restoration of the brave Chief Justice and his colleagues;even went extra mile to seal the country,but his defeat had been written in the cosmic texts.
    Asli munisf phir agay…………

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