Gilgit - Baltistan

Sadia Khan Ski Championship in Naltar


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    1. Sadia Khan was an excellent Skier who represented pak in many international ski compitition. She died in a road accident.

  1. who is Sadia Khan and why in Gilgit Naltar???? and who named this event after Sadia khan? what is her contribution? being mountaineer i never heared this name,,,,have you ?????

  2. Saadia Khan Cup” is dedicated to (late) Miss Saadia Khan, the best female skier of the 11th National Ski Championship.

    65 Skiers from all over Pakistan are participating in the various events of championship. Various Ski Associations of Pakistan which include Sindh, NWFP, Punjab , Balochistan, Islamabad , N/Areas, Adventure Foundation, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force are participating in the competition

  3. Oh good

    This is nice to have such activities in northren areas. but she has no any to know she is the same.

  4. it has been obsereved simce couple of years that women participation ratio has been increased in sports activities.
    Though skiing is very technical and needs braveness.
    some of my friends are confuesed with the name and they are asking, who is Saadia Khan.
    Saadia Khan (late) was a sportswoman and first goldmedlist from NUST. she was perfact skiier and won many awards not only national but international as well. she was interested to promot this sports among pakistani women but her aim remained incomplet and she died in road accident in 2002 .
    Her father is very renowned personality and has great contribution in tourism.

  5. “Her father is very renowned personality and has great contribution in tourism.”

    This will explain why she won the name and fame a rich influncial family of Islamabad from the depth of the power.

    1. sorry to burst your bubble, the family is quite an average middle class set of people.. renowned they have been through their work and contributions to sports not by any riches, which i know personally that they have not any. get your facts straight before saying such things..

  6. jamal panhwar . thats my cousin u r talking about. she won the name and fame because she deserved it. people like u who can never be happy for others r the reason pakistan is like this today. please do not try to spread any kind of hatred or any misconceptions about that family. thank u.

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