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72 hours ultimatum to ‘hang the murderer’ of Dr. Agha Jan

Hunza, May 13: Thousands of people from Hunza and Nagar participated in the funeral-in-absentia of late Dr. Agha Jan in Aliabad, Hunza. The protesters passed a resolution demanding death for the killer within 72 hours otherwise, they said, the peaceful protest might turn into a violent agitation. The speakers termed Dr. Agha Jan’s death as a case of target killing and criticized the role of local administration, agencies and other government machineries. The speakers called the murder of a doctor as the murder of the entire humanity. Ghulam Muhammad, leader PPP, Baba Jan, Organizer Progressive Youth Front, Ikramullah Baig, leader Gilgit Baltistan Alliance, Bilal, President Contractors Association, and other community notables were among the main speakers.

According to rumors father of the arrested killer was released recently after spending 14 years in jail on charges of killing 3 people. This also makes the situation vague and people are suspecting involvement of hidden hands behind the murder of Dr. Agha Jan.

Meanwhile, the dead body of late Dr. has been buried in Gilgit in presence of the bereaved family and a large number of community members. The funeral ceremony was performed in Center Jamat Khana Gillgit. Chief Secretary, Chief Executive, Home Secretary and other high Government officials were also present in the funeral ceremony. Alwaiz Fida Ali, on behalf of the family and community of Gilgit-Baltistan has demanded from the Government official to find out the hidden hands behind the murder and immediately hang the culprits.

Some circles, while condemning this cold blooded murder in the strongest terms, are also worried about active involement of the political forces in this agitation. They hold that the event might be over politicized by certain elements, which they fear, would be detrimental for the region’s harmony and progress.

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  1. No words to express my grief and sorrow over the great loss.This is an inhuman and a ruthless act that should be condemned by evryone.The culprit should be punished for this act of brutality.
    I would convey my condolance to the whole family and I would say that it is not the family’s loss only, in fact, we have lost an asset of our community.
    May his soul rest in peace.

  2. The murder of Late Dr. Agha Jan is an irreparable loss for the entire northern community. Surely no words can solace and fill the void. He was a great man who will be missed but not forgotten for his services for the people of north as a child specialist. The shockwaves of this senseless tragedy is felt throughout the region. I would like to pass on my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. May God rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen.
    At the same time we expect the local administration to bring the culprit to justice as soon as possible and expose the real motives behind this tragedy.

  3. it is indeed very sad and tragic moment for all the people of northern areas. the late Doctor Aga Jan was one of the competant doctor in northern areas. i had personally good relations with his family. And i know how great loss it is.
    i extent my heartfelt condolences to ishtiaq his son and other family members.
    may his soul rest in peace.
    amin salman

  4. The murder of a doctor, for a petty land dispute is a heinous crime, and morally outrageous. It must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The perpetrator should be tried in a court of law and the due judgement must be passed.

    During the past two decades we have seen a consistent breakdwon of law and order across the region when criminals have killed at their will without fear of any serious consequences.
    We have got to stop these sorts of things hapenning again. I appreciate members of the civil society, including the progressive youth front who staged this demonstration in Aliabad to register their cocnern about this serious act of crime.

    On a personal note, i express my sympathies with the breaved family and offer my condolences to all the memebers of late Dr, Aga Jan’s family. May Allah rest the soul of the deceased in eternal peace.

  5. It is a shock not only to the family but to all those who were being treated by the late doctor so patiently.He may be given respect above ethnic ,linguistic and community affiliations. No doubt the criminal person should be condemned at all levels with full strength.
    I express my condolence with his family and pray may Almighty ALLAH give them strength to bear this great loss and may rest his soul in eternal peace.

  6. A very schoking news for me when I went through one of the local news papers early in the morning.
    The situation clearly depicts that still the inhuman behaviour and foolish acts are dominating the region.
    Life has no value in that part of the world where a few years back a dramatic situation engulfed many precious lives just because of the nonsense behaviour and emotionally cancerous mind set.
    I would like to request the educated minds to educate the inhuman behaviour holders to uphold such a condemable behaviour.
    I m really sorry as the one who tries to protect others life is unprotected and uncovered and is put on burning fire.

  7. The murder of Late Dr. Aga Jan is a great lose for the region of Norther Area. Indeed he was a great asset for the area. On behalf of the all students of Ghizer, (karachi division), i strongly condemn this inhuman act and ask the local government to give exemplery punishment to the culprits as soon as possble… May his sole rest in peace, ameen.

  8. it very drak day of this mounth that human lover marder.we MISGAR SOCAL WLFER CANDEM THIS LOOS AND PRAY FOR HIS SOIL TO ITRNAL PEACE. ammen

  9. One of the darkest and sad day in the history. Dr. Aga Jan was a man of honor. His noble endeavorers in his very special capacity will be remembered for long. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Khalid Nadeem and his entire family.

  10. A great Shock on A great Loss
    the Murder of Late Doctor is very unfortunate to the people of Gilgit,Balitistan not only the family,the people have deprived of a kid specialist,who used to look after the future of assests of that part of pakistan.the profession he had was so pure and for humanity.
    assasination of such person is an brutal attack on esteemed profession as well on humanity,the cuel ,inhuman plot of these kind sort of miscreants need to be noticed very seriously to avoid the like incidents in the future,
    though itis unbeable as well irrecoverble loss to nation,beside grievence ,we should not apart from our real islamic principles & nuance to tak any ill imperation in the societybecause we are the custodian of that dogma.i wish and pray the berieved and agrieved family and nation may remain in peace .
    i extend my deep heartfelt condolence to the late DR.Family.
    May God rest his soul in Heaven

  11. The murder of Late Dr. Aga Jan is a great lose for the region of Norther Area. Indeed he was a great asset for the area. On behalf of the all students of Hunza Model Academy Aliabad Hunza, i strongly condemn this inhuman act and ask the local government to give exemplery punishment to the culprits as soon as possble… May his sole rest in peace, ameen.

  12. My father is not killed by a person, his death is the proof of sick traditions of the society

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