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Tourism Management Training concluded in Islamabad

By Mehmood Ali

A three months long training of tourism management concluded in Islamabad, recently. The training was organized by Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan and facilitated by Explore Pakistan Tourism company. All participants of the training belonged to the Wakhan region of Badakhshan, Afghanistan.

Certificates were distributed among the participants during the closing ceremony. Mr Baig Ali, secretary of Ismaili region council, Mr Tayib Mir, acting manager from Paksitan Tourism, Mr Amjad Ayub, general manager of Pearl Tours, officials of UNDP, and other organizations were present at the final event.



During the training sessions the participants were trained in different tourism related areas like basics of English language, computer and tourism management. Later on as practical orientation/ exercise the trainees were also taken on trek to Butura.    

My Baig Ali, Tayib Mir, Mehboob Aziz and other speakers appreciated the efforts of  Explore Pakistan Tourism and hoped that such collaborative ventures will also be held in the futue for betterment of the society and tourism industry.

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  1. Congratulations to the AKF, Afghanistan and the Explore Pakistan for conducting this training course on tourism. Hope that the five participants have got adequate advantage out of this program.

    May I dare to correct one point/stateemtn here. Of course, all three participants (Syed Salo ud Din, Amri Din, Gurg Ali) were from Wakhan district except for one, (Dowud Jon Pazhmon) who was from the Shughnon district (more specifically from Ghoron)–the native locale of Bobo Sufi (apical ancestor of most of the of the Avgarch people)in Gojal.

    May I finally suggest that whenever people from Wakhan valley are brought with the intention/purpose of Cultural Exchangte, they must be also be taken to the Ishkoman valley of Ghizer district. The notion of cultural exchange in such situation dims if those people cut of from their family for more than a century are not taken to the valley where thier kinspersons reside. So also holds true to the tourism rather ecotourism develpment. Ecotourism cannot be develpment in the air (like Sheik Chili). It requires the two main resource bases: natural and cultural. Unfortunately, we have been neglecting the second integral component (cultural resource base) and have beeen focusing more on the first (natural resource base) by showing them only the nature. A broad vision, wit and wisdom requires for ecotourism development for the ever marginalised mountain communities/societies so that to make ecotourism as an effective tool for poverty reduction.

  2. Dear All
    This not only a news but also a sign that singles that yes we do care for our people even out of the boundaries. First, I would like to salute all the conductors of the program, who have made it possible for the students from Afghanistan to understand the need for the future and to learn from us. Next I would like to say that this step will be guild line to others who really care to cultural and its dimensions. It will give us a hope that we are divided but still one and will stay one by sharing and involving with one another . I would like to express by deepest regards to Mahboo Aziz and his team in Afghanistan. Because I personally know that how he did progressed with this issue crossing through many hurdles and hardships, which he did crossed and completed. Next people in Pakistan, Mahrban Karim and Yaqub Ali who gave their heart and soul to make possible to the Participants to achieve the target and more …
    This culture should not be stopped and we should go for more interaction and keep up correspondence with OUR PEOPLE regardless of boundaries, because that is the demand of the time.
    With best regards to all and Concept of One Wakhi

  3. Dear Uncle Fazal Baig Sahib
    Your words are not just expression but more than that. We all if not all but most of us do have our linkages from Afghanistan . So we should proudly state that too and must start to involve in all kind of kinship and interaction with them too. And as you said we should not also ignore the Wakhiz from Chitral and Punyal too. Concern people should nit such web that all can easily hook up on to it.

  4. Congrates to my friends Syed Salo ud Din, Amri Din, Gurg Ali and Dowud to comelete thier trainings with Explore Pakistan in Isb and thier trip to Gojal. regards from East Timor and West Dishtov.

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