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Editorial: Wakeup time for the government

Nothing changes for the people of Gilgit – Baltistan, be it the military rulers or the so-called democratic rulers. One expected some concrete steps from the present rulers because of their past record but it seems that they have more important duties to perform. We are still drunken to the wine of ‘abolishment of FCR’ and the ‘states’. There are people who still justify their support for the PPP because BB established the first legislative council. President Musharraf , on these scales, is far better than the so-called leaders of the poor. At least he has given us the KIU!

The PM announced his first hundred days plan and there wasn’t a single point related to Gilgit – Baltistan. The Federal Minister visited the region, repeating the same old, rotten, useless, slogans of ‘rights’. Our so-called leaders are content with the increase in their salaries and not expecting anything more than that. Their whining for rights doesn’t comply with their self serving policies.

The law and order situation in Gilgit, yet again, has become very turbulent. During the past few weeks the walls of the Gilgit city have been painted with hateful, sectarian, slogans against different sects. There have been incidents where sectarian hate literature has been distributed. The clashes between students, belonging to sectarian outfits, at Karakuram International University is also disturbing. Apparently, as the regional press reports, the government hasn’t yet awaken to address the situation.

We hope that the government realizes its responsibilities related to maintainance of law and order in the region and ensures that political rights are given to the region, to avoid further deterioration of the situation, in the long run.

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  1. Noori has put a good food (on the so-called Northern Areas) into the cooking pot. Let’s cook this food in accordance with our expertise by tracing for variety of recipes.

    Let’s an attempt in diving into, searching for and highlighting answers to this broad question purely in the context of the Northern Areas:

    What changes can we observe in different sectors (walk of life) for the last six decades (60 years) in the Northern Areas of Pakistan?

    1. Changes & development before annexation with Pakistan

    2. Changes and develpment before General Ayub Khan’s period.

    2. Changes & development during Ayub’s period

    3. Changes & develpment during General Yahya Khan’s period

    4) Changes & Develpment during PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s period

    5) Changes & development during General Zia ul Haq’s period.

    6. Changes & development during PM Muhammad Khan Juneju’s period.

    7. Changes & development during Benazir Bhuto’s periods (twice)

    8. Changes & development during Nawaz Sharif’s periods (twice)

    9. Changes & development during General Musharaf’s period of eight years

    10. Change & development under the current goverment government of PM Gelani

    Can we jump into this big cooking pot and try our level best to cook vareity of foods out of the question in different eras? If yes, let’s start. This is not a thesis or a reserch article, but rather to share our knowledge & exeriences regarding our own ever neglected region by different rulers, whether the military or the so-called democrats (as rightly mentioned by Noor).

  2. Dear Msofir and Noor
    we have to open eyes or may be more but still we could not act according to our desires. let me add here we are part of the country in every aspect but only do not have to right to have it all. We cannot cook with the people but we have been cooked because one of the most imprudent easy recipes of all time. Dear we will never get the chance to enter in Parliament of Fools because we are not real countryman or citizen . We are just to serve in the defense of a country who law can’t see us, according to its constitutions we are not even valued as buffalos of Punjab. But we are ready to give thousand of Lalik Jan , when time sounds.
    And as about our leaders , please first define a word leader , leader means a guide to a destination, to speak for the betterment of the society. Well to be a leader We need to have comprehension about life society must have atlest understanding about the situation. However, sorry if all these qualities are with one person he never goes for politics. He is disqualified.
    Now do show me any name which has any one of the above mention thought or quality. It’s not even present at the National level how come we can trace it in Rock mountain.
    So we should not ask from anyone because simply born to be ruled.
    If Im wrong please correct me, as Im form the North may be Im wrong.

  3. noor bro good discussion u started….being liberal n impartial,the questions raised by zaheer abt the characteristics n attributes of a leader….in such case i would favour Gereal Pervaiz Mushraf,all the features of a leader which u disscussed z filled n President…..

    f we keep eye on the past non f the political leaders[‘poly’ means many n’ tics’ means blood suckers] did any work 4 the development of THE MOST IGNORED REGOIN GILGIT…the only leader which shovered blessings on the youth f the region z MUHARAF…

    2-expension f kkh
    3-sost dry por
    4-chitral tunnel
    5-made notheren area legislative assembly more independent
    n etc..

    he z more better than the past leaders….acc 2 ma perception

  4. Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance. ~Woodrow Wilson

    for freedom doesnt knock at our door, it needs alot of sacrifices. Are we ready to make Sacrifices?

  5. Thanks Noor for reminding us giving us a wake-up call!

    It is true that our great fore fathers and elders fought the battle of freedom (Gilgit –Baltistan) against Dogra Raj in horrible conditions and got freedom on November 1st, 1948.
    Ideologically, it was affiliated with the Muslim state Pakistan unconditionally in the presence of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, but, soon after his demise death, selfish and hippocratic rulers/bureaucrats did not focus on the basic principles of the establishment of Pakistan (based on two nation theory) and sabotage its core-principles. Because of the selfish rulers, Pakistan itself did not remain safe and lost East Pakistan, which took the birth of Bangladesh. Everybody knows the discrimination against the people of East Pakistan. It did not happen overnight but the cause and consequences were nurtured and deepen in decades.

    Today the same mistake is repeated in the case of Gilgit-Baltistan by ignoring its real name and calling it Northern Areas, which is representing the geographical directions. Everybody knows about the basic directions North, South, East and west and if; we divide it in sub-sub directions it makes 360 directions.

    Now days, another conspiracy is in progress by mingling the tribal area, Sawat and Kohistan Area by calling it Northern Areas and worsening the situation in terms of sabotaging the image of Gilgit-Baltistan and trying to create confusion.

    As Gilgit –Baltistan has its historical cultural and strategically important geographical background, consists of three famous mountainous ranges such as, Karakrom, Himalaya and Hindukush and well known for its natural beauty and peace. The hidden hands always try to create confusion by creating sectarian violence or propagating the Asama’s presence on K-2 and so on.

    The existence of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) is the glove-puppet of Kashmir affairs and North affairs (KANA) division and the remaining game is played by the top bureaucrats of the so called northern Area (Gilgit-Baltistan). The interesting point is the existence of the chairman of NALA, who himself doesn’t have the status of elected representative from the people of Northern Area (Gilgit –Biltistan) and members of NALA. But he/she have the whole and sole authority to rule the people of Gilgit-Biltistan. The so called position of Chief-Executive was cunningly created by red tapes to bump any voices raised by the innocent people for their due rights.

    On the other hand, Gilgit Baltistan is famous for its high mountains and lush green fields, the seventh wonder, Karakrum highway, which adds billions of dollars in the form of royalty, either its from tourism point of view or earning from china trade via Sost border. The natural resources like water resources (glaciers), forestry also contribute in the agriculture and hydro energy of Pakistan.

    In spite of the above facts the area always remains under the shadow of FCR or army monitoring team but physically still remain behind from the other regions of the country in terms of socio-political and socio-economic matters. Even today’s charter of democracy (London) signed by the two major parties leaders (PPP and PML) did not provide room for its existing constitutional package and seems escaping from the promise in the said charter.

    Thus, the people of Gilgit Baltistan are still deprived of their fundamental basic rights and yet they are dumb and stunned; their voices are still not heard in the Pakistani Parliament. Further more, UNO and Human rights related institutions are still silent on the vulnerable situation. I do hope our political and social activists will raise their voices in every forum for their fundamental rights. I am also very optimistic from our young generation that they will use the power of their pen until they grab their due rights.

    Sharif Khan

  6. On 10/06/2008 a email message sent to Marvi Memon member standing cometee, on behalf of Lower Borith villagers regarding the surrounding burning land irregation water problem to take a voice in parliment as emergency basis for water because of the Gulkin Glacier either to uplift the water from the river or to look a proper source for water. Thanks to Marvi as it is her love for the local people she is taking such a intrest. We thanks for her efforts in this rgard.
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