Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Colors of Thag’ham festival in Shimshal Valley

the-real-joy-of-thagam Photographs by Shujaat Ali

Tha’gham festival, annoucing the arrival of agricultural activities was recently celebrated in Shimshal Valley, the border region connecting Pakistan’s Northern Areas (Gilgit- Baltistan) with China. Shujaat Ali has captured some beautiful moments through the eyes of camera, for you.  Secretary tourism NAs also participated in the event. Also present at the occasion were a number of foreigners, including tourists and researchers.



10 thoughts on “Colors of Thag’ham festival in Shimshal Valley

  1. wonderfully beautiful !!…Those who develop their faith,culture and belief in themselves and God have the power to live each day fully, successfully, and with true joy.It is a life principle–what we believe and act upon brings results in our lives.So Many Many Tagham Mubarak to brave people of Shimshaliz & all of Over Gojalizz.

  2. It would have been more interesting if the importance, objective and history of the event was drafted briefly.
    the effort appreciated.

  3. Thanks for sharing your festivel with us and shujat your collections are morvelous and one thing i have obseved from these pictures that the people and youths of shimshal has kept alive our culture in its origial form.

    Ali Masud


  4. the web site esteblish for the betterment of our youth and all generation after a long struggle.i woul like to thaks and appriciate mr.shuja’s memorable comments and beautifull picuture on and as well on

    keep it up and do more ……………….




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