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Sost situation worries PPP

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ISLAMABAD, June 28: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has expressed concern over ‘deliberate attempts’ being made to create law and order problem in upper Hunza by remnants of the past regime and called for an immediate halt to such activities.

PPP spokesman and former senator Farhatullah Babar in a statement here on Saturday said that peace, development and empowerment of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan was a top priority of the government and any attempt to subvert that would not be allowed.

The plan to disrupt peace in the region came to light when several hundred people, including women and children, were forced to stage a protest demonstration leading to the blockade of Karakoram Highway (KKH) at the Sost border town against harassment and intimidation of people by the Chief Executive and local administration.

The demonstrators blocked the highway and chanted slogans against the Chief Executive of Northern Areas Ghazanfar Ali Khan for creating unrest in the peaceful area by bringing his henchmen to intimidate the people and take forcible possession of the Sost Dry Port following a local court decision setting aside a stay order of a lower court against the former management of the Silk Route Dry Port Trust.

Locals were taken aback when the court order came at a time when the chairman and other members of the Board of Trustees were in Kashgar, China, to attend the joint Board meeting of directors with the Chinese counterparts.

Within minutes of the court order, the local administration was geared up for the forceful occupation of the port even though the court order did not envisage it. Quite surprisingly and going out of the way the local administration braced itself to use brute force to take over the port offices while the management was out of the country.

Mr Babar said it was heartening that the Federal Minister of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas, Qamar Zaman Kaira, had already issued necessary instructions to restrain the elements in the local administration from provoking a clash.

The PPP spokesperson said a thorough probe into the affairs of the Silk Route Dry Port Trust (SRDT) was necessary to redress the grievance of stakeholders who had made huge financial contributions for the setting up of the dry port trust. He said the PPP had been demanding detailed audit of the accounts of the Trust.

Courtesy: Daily DAWN

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  1. My Dear Editor/Columnist,

    Who are you trying to fool with these so called facts. After reading your articles it appears as if you not only twist the facts but are negatively influencing the future of the people of the entire Northern Areas. The media is a powerful tool, use it wisely.

    I would like to clear the air on a few ‘grave misunderstandings’ if you will. First of all, let us give respect to Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, without whom this so called Port would never have been conceptualised. People who read my comments will agree that an extremely strong lobby had wanted this dry port to be located in a place other than Sost, in a place where the immediate locals would ‘never’ have benefitted.

    Secondly, ON 27TH JULY, THE SESSIONS COURT IN GILGIT PASSED A COURT ORDER IN FAVOR OF THE EXISITNG MANAGEMENT OF THE DRY PORT. Did you not hear that? Or did you choose to ignore the reality? For your information, the ultiamate control today of the port still lies with the ‘legal’ management of the Dry Port.

    Apparently you are not looking at the bigger picture because these bigger forces which you are not visualising today will sweep you over tomorrow and even your basic rights/existence will be threatened.

    Let us not forget our past where the Mir family’s diplomacy helped put the Northern Areas on the map. Today Mir
    Ghazanafar Ali Khan is the only individual ever to have achieved the designation of Chief Executive. Instead of respeciting our elders and our heritage, people like yourself destroy what we should be proud of.

    Please, if anyone can disagree with what I have written, feel free to contact me.

  2. Dear Ali Aman

    i am fully supporting your views and i am inform me Mr.Editor please don’t give that type of news.

  3. Dear Ali Aman,
    I respect your comments and emotions but before assailing the editor better if you read the artical carefully which clearly says at the bottom “Courtesy: Daily DAWN ” for your kind information this fact has been published in Pakistan’s famous and most widely circulated newspaper

    Az Kabul, Afghanistan

  4. TRUTH.
    Dear editor Noor Bahi.
    dear sir i want to inform you that the real thing is this,
    the people who are now opposing Mr Mir Ghanzfat Ali Khan
    was the real suppoter of Mir in past.
    they made Mr Mir the owner of port, now today Mir is the owner by the support of that people.when port was going to built , some people oppose to make Mir part of port. but at that time non of them think about the future , and hand over port to Mir s hand,

    now i thak it is not eassy to hand over port from Mr Ghanzfar
    now a day the people of sost are protesting but i thank it is useless.
    becuase when the new elected management went to china for a meeting , they was not accept by the chines.
    i think it is a matter of thinking for the people of sost.
    dear sir i want to tell you if you are publishing any news about port , try to edit , both side news you are just making favour of Mir opposing news but i think you have to try to present the real story ,which is totaly diffrent.


  5. The comment of Ali Jan Hunzai on the above news item and Javed’s enthusiastic support for it is interesting. Without even reading the news item and the source they have come to conclusions. This shows their desperate wishes like many others out there, that media always sing songs in praise of our Beloved Chief Executive. I hope that 9Rose’s reminder will help many more to read the news item again. (If interested read Dawn 29/06/2008)
    It is hard to understand how the Editor of PT or Columnist is negatively influencing the future of the people of Northern Areas.
    Claiming to clear the air on “a few grave misunderstanding” Mr. Aman has even twisted it more. Why is giving respect to Ghazanfar the foundation stone of understanding these “misunderstandings”? Isn’t it time we come out of that mind set? Needless to say that respect can not be demanded. It is earned by respecting others. As far as the notion that SDP would not even have been conceptualised without certain individuals is not very convincing especially as put forward by Mr. Aman
    Talking about the lobbies and benefits to the locals Mr. Aman forgets that local community finds itself against even stronger lobby. They have realised that they have been driven out from the port and this strong lobby is reaping all the benefits and now trying to convert this trust into a family business.
    Interesting bit in the comment is the following.
    “Apparently you are not looking at the bigger picture because these bigger forces which you are not visualising today will sweep you over tomorrow and even your basic rights/existence will be threatened”
    Aren’t we familiar with that sort of language?
    Mr. Aman’s reminder, not to forget Mir Family’ diplomacy of the past and Ghazanfar’s present achievements are yet another interesting efforts to clarify the “misunderstanding”
    Gud la jan

  6. why such people write thier comment,s with out reading the material,s we need educated people…i am fully supporting you Mr.Navroz ur always rite…..

  7. May I dare to ask you Mr. Aman. Who, you and your master trying to fool, your barefaced, futile attempt to save the mantel of your master is it self a fools jock.The whole world knows your master’s story.

  8. Well Done Mr. Aman!!

    It is very difficult to get rid of Slavery. You may have great respect for MIR family but we don’t have, please just keep the respect for him with you. Now no one is Mir in Hunza instead everyone is Mir in this democratic society.

    Your point regarding the Port to be built other then Sost—- I got your point because you people (your villagers) are getting most benefit from the port, thats why you are in problem.

    In your comment you said Ghazenfar is the first CE of NAs. thats why he used force against the the people who voted for him.

    Re the Court order I think this order is against him.

    Blame on PT is not justified, please blame the Daily Dawn–if you can.

    In advance I apologize if my remarks hert you.

  9. Ali Aman sahib welcome to PT, I respect your opinion but before criticizing the editor we must look at the ground situation which according to your comments is totally different. ya the people of Hunza invited Gazanfar to join them during the establishment of SDPT because he was the political figure of this region, but after establishment every one knows the result, better if you go through the history and reports on SDP then you will realize the actual situation.


  10. i have got just one message for Mr. Ali Aman

    jaagoooooooo! or is ghulami ki zehniat se niklooooo!
    its really amazing that peopel have forget the brutalities of the So called Mirs and wazirs and still people of 21st century generation is still not satisified serving the kings while
    the world is giving up dictatorship and monarchy system and we the so called educated and enlightened people still singing the song of these so called Mirs.
    Shame on us.wake up my dear country man . we still have time , wake upp!

  11. Hello Mr.Aman Ali Hunzai! Would u read again what u say in your first sentence (Who are you trying to fool with these so called facts?) May I know who ur to saying this? Come on Mr.Aman this 21th sentry we are not your Mir’s ghulam I know still they are few mirs tattoo living in our region but see what will happen with them the all world will see. What happen your Mir sahib want to sost with the fully force why he not enter in the dry port?? I am in 9th class I don’t want to write more it Inhofe for Mir & his chamchee

  12. Ali aman

    Please move your butts and see it has been published in Daily Dawan, it is worth to worry about your knowledge, it showes how much update you are……. before attacting some one be well equiped well enough, rather leave it

  13. Dear Ali Aman

    Respecting your view points, but it is not possible in modern age to control the flow of information and its also contrary to freedom of expression to filter news in your favour. Whatever is going on in sost, simply game of power, public are quite right to uprise against the powerfull giant supporting by landlord of punjab.

    Dilawar Khan parbat

  14. Would Mr. Ali Aman elaborate on what he means by rightful owners?
    Gazafar and his sons are not the owners of sost dry port. It will be very informative if Ali aman could explain why Gazanfar claims ownership?
    How many shares of the company has he got? How many kanals of land of the port does he owns? Where his ownership comes from?

    Another misconception that Mr. Ali Aman has and tries to misinform the locals about is the role of Gazanfar in the establishment of the port in Sost. The Chinese have established the port to make money, and for sure they would have selected the place which suits them the most. Let me assure you they built the port in sost because they wanted to and not because they were told by someone to do so. It was a pure business issue that the port was built in Sost.
    What benefits the “locals” are getting out of the port at the moment?

    SDP is a public limited company, the owners of the port being the sharehold and the land owners. The board of directors are elected by the shareholders for 3 years. (Companies act 1984)

    The management of the port should be run by professionals who should be selected through a rigorous process of recruitment.

    Why is it that people (Gazanfar et al) do not want the company to be managed in a transparent and professional way?

    Could you please elaborate on the bigger forces? Who are trying to destroy our existence?

    I don’t know which past you are talking about? What contributions of Mr. Gazanfar helped put which area on which map?

    What difference does it make that Gazanfar got the designation of Chief Executive? Not so long ago I read on this very web site, him complaining about impotence of the office he holds.
    Do you think Gazanfar or his cronies are the flag bearers of our culture, heritage and values? Please elaborate how?

  15. Ya agreed, we are not slaves, ghulam but come on yar we have still some people in our society living the life with mentality of 50s. respect their view and educate them through arguements. We want to give respect to our MIR but game of power playing by MIR Sab and his family,force us to stand against them, just to guard our rights.


  16. every one is good, right,best.but i request to all the usre of must be focuse on the reality. as our sniors like zulfi,noor,asghar etc are doing.and we have to support them in a positive is not necessery that must be debate on
    every topic negatively.we have to strengthen this only and lonly source of information.we have to respect this from the cour of our hearts.and show their best performence for this that time i will apriciate all the youths of gojal .net. when on the daily basis with the name of pammirs time news papers and megzine will start to issue in every part of the pakistan and out of that time unemployment will completely finish from our area. how it is is up to you. (my point of view)

  17. For some points I agree; like respecting the elders and protecting the heritage and cultural values but for some I am compelled by my consciousness not to agree with , like to say that Ghazanfar is or/ would be the owner.
    I am really sorry for being late in admiring the efforts of PT from the endo-cardium of my heart. Bravo! Keep it up. But don’t fall a prey to the vicious circle of politics like supremoo GEO has fallen. (neither I assume you will be victim). I wish and pray that PT should be an icon of truth, sincerity and above all the representative voice of NA in general and Hunza in Particular. Democracy, development, awareness, modernization and change like many others; every word seems attractive but with this entire taking place one thing is most important i.e. Our strong cultural values should remain intact and don’t get westernized. A minor example is that new generation has started calling their parents DADY, DAD, PAPA and MOM, MUMMY……… Do you really think that is development? What if they address and name their parents with the mellow words of native languages?
    Once, during my stay in upper Hunza while training the Lady health Workers, I saw some students playing in the courtyard of their school clad with traditional woolen caps. Believe me; I was regaled to see the protection of cultural values though established inadvertently. Needless to say it is our habit to inspire from things tourists fetch all the way from different strata of cultures. What I mean to say is that PT now needs to shoulder the responsibility of Protection and Promotion of culture viz a viz increasing the awareness level of inhabitants of the pristine valley.

    Apologies in advance if anyone is offended!

    Best Regards
    Dr Zeib

  18. Dear Ali Aman Hunzai

    It is good that you came out in support of your views. I appreciate your efforts. I would urge the commentators not to pounce on alternative views. It is against the spirit of inclusion and collective growth.

    NLC – the National Logistics Cell, in my information, has been trying to get hold of the port. Now, we all are aware that NLC is part of the military establishment and, sensing the expansion in trade, after KKH has been widened, it is trying to make space for itself in the disputed Gilgit – Baltistan region. There are still other forces, including political and sectarian groups, that are sharpening their claws – waiting for the moment to swallow the port.

    We all know that Attiqa’s nephew got selected in the Punjab Assembly. She is paving the ways for her Punjabi relatives and Ghazanfar Ali Khan – the innocent, the cherubic, is following the directions. We don’t doubt the sincerity of the son of our last Mir, we just don’t consider him the defender of Hunza’s rights, anymore. His son is a directionless wannabe JUTT, like his Maamus from Punjab.

    The public has risen rightly to fight the situation and we hope that our justice loving brothers and sisters, from across Gilgit – Baltistan, will support this effort.

    All political forces shall rise for the revivial of “State-Subject” rule in Gilgit – Baltistan. Otherwise the Punjabis, the Pathans, and their organizations, will buy our lands out and enslave us forever. We know who their stooges amongst us are. The bigger forces, the bigger picture, dear Ali Aman, does not go in favor of your opinion. I would invite you to rethink your ideas.

    I appreciate Pamir TImes for standing up for the rights of our deprived people.

    Let there be justice and peace.


  19. Dear all
    This is a news media , respect all . On the view of Mr. Ali Aman Hunzai , everyone had the chance to go furious and enraged their feelings . According to my humble knowledge and understanding based on historical facts both the Mir group and Anti-Mir groups do always look on thing one-sidedly .
    We should respect each other s views . I had a chance visit sosth and had chance to become a part of the recent Drama of SDP. the People of Sosth are at the moment confused and are in a situation of chaos. This situation is not or never due to Mir but created by them self. The have gifted the land free of cost to the SDP, and seclected Gazanfer to be its forever Head . According to the document of SDP which was between Chines Company and the Sosth dry port. Everyone should know that its not between the Board of directors of SDP but its between A company which is also headed by Gazanfer , Atiqa and few other relatives there is no sign of BoD of SDP. Next at the moment Gazanfer according to the law owns ever bit of the SDP. Because it was gifted to him by the few locals,in the name of the whole community,(what was their interest in it God knows ) who were involved with the procedure of all the SDP initial foundation.
    What is the present situation?
    First , people of Sosth are divided into two parties , Mir and Anti-Mir Group
    Second, still at the moment, the local people are unable to understand mistakes and its consequences. Both the Groups are not ready to accept each other. And one of the great joke is the issue of the people involved, representative of the local people. Most of them are ex-Mir favorites, or have inefficient knowledge of Management and organizational behaviour or Law.
    And every one please do not just give ideas , be practical and to the point , if you all hate Gazanfer , then donot give him power next time. Everyone is shouting for hundreds of years, but he is ruling and roling our lives.
    And dear Ali Aman Hunzai , you are right because , its your thought , but not correct because you have seen it from the doctrine which is now part of your concept and thought and sight. If you need to give your view, then study more and see more.
    At this moment, I can only pray, for the people of Sosth and their SDP, because only God can help them of their mistake. This SDP has started to pollute our lives, and will do us more harm, which we will realize with in few years.
    Sorry if not supporting any one , but this is what I have observed at the moment.

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