Gilgit - Baltistan

Rumors of violence irritate citizens in Gilgit city

Monitoring Desk

Daily K2 has reported that unknown people are making calls, sending sms to citizens of Gilgit city, ‘informing’ them about armed clashes in different parts of the city. The daily fears that these messages might be spread by people who are interested in destabilizing peace in the region.

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  1. Its most unfrotunate that when we all were hoping for a change of heart in sectarian tensions, these ugly things are happening.
    Comming from Gilgit proper, i m sure that the local people of Gilgit are either weary of this sectarian fighting or too liberal to care for it.
    Who is creating the trouble then?
    In my view, its a small lunatic fringe whose emotions have been whipped up by attention-seeking Mullahs on both sides!
    God bless Gilgit!

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