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MNA, Marvi Memon, visits Ghulkin – Gojal

Gohar Abbas

Ghulkin, June 8: Senator Nisar Memon’s daughter and member of the national assembly, Marvi Memon, came to Ghulkin village as part of an unofficial visit. She was accompanied by two advisors of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, Capt.(r) Sikandar and Noorul Ain. The member of national assembly pledged that she will discuss the situation caused by the glacial lake outbursts in the region and get the affectees compensated.

It is pertinent to remind ourselves that because of lack of represenation in the parliament issues of Gilgit – Baltistan remain neglected and unknown to the policy cirlcles and decision makers of the country.

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  1. We hope the visit of MNA Marvi will pay worth and materialize in a meaningful way. Sometimes such kind of visits raise high expectations of the affected people and in case of failure in their desired purpose it creates mistrust on the elite people and frustration among the needy people. As we heard that people from the local government and advisors from NALA were also present there should work on priority basis on the tow immediate affected area s;
    1. Ghulkin flood affected area
    2. Lower Borith Drought Situation (Water Crisis)
    Thanks Pamir News Blog and Gojal.Net for highlighting this important news.

    Sharif Khan

  2. If it was only a visit just to see good places of North, it is not a positive sign, I remember Nisar Memon used to visit North many times and had lots of such promises in the past Being member of the National Assembly did she announced something for the village? as far as her promise to take up the glacier issue is concern I wonder if it too is a Political promise or something more then that?


  3. referrence to the visit of MNA Marvi Memon, as per my information TV channels specially Express TV provided enough space and coverage with live interview of Marvi Memon

    problems can be eaily addressed only if everyone e.g local representatives, NALA members, NA bearuecracy, print & electronic media works in their capacity and within the assigned resources.

    Lets hope for the best

    Shah Zaman

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