Gilgit - Baltistan

The beauty of Sher-i-sabz, Chipursun

Photo by: Ejaz Ali and Laila, KADO, June 07, 2008

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  1. Dear Gohar yah the agriculture lands are green but as in our area all most the mountains are dry, first there very less amount of rain are recived in the region and 2nd there is no soil in the mountains can support flora.
    Why its called Sher Sabz? for the green fields or something els? An historian from this village very famous in Wakhi history….What can Musofir (travlar of the world) tell us about?

    A video clip of shersabz and Mr Asmat Ullah Sab.

  2. thanks to Ejaz Ali and Laila for takingd such a beautifull snape of my village.i myself belong to shersubz.sher subz means green field as far as my point of view is concern.

  3. Hope laila n ejaz will also like to see the beauty of RASHIT, In chapursun valley i think rashit is really a place to see…….. and is my favourite village in chapursun. LOVE “RASHIT”.


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