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Chinese language course starts in Hunza

By: Zulfiqar Al Khan

Hunza, October 13: KADO has started a 3-month Chinese language course in Ailiabad, Hunza in order to equip the youth with language skills required to get maximum benefit from cross-border trade and development activities. About 30 youth from all over Hunza has enrolled for the course.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Sher Alam, Chairman KADO said that the expansion of Karakoram Highway (KKH) will offer both opportunities and risks; however the need is to prepare the local community to tap the opportunities and effectively manage risks. He said KADO will build the capacities of business communities through trainings in trade and business management and will also offer advance language trainings in near future.

Manager Soneri Bank, Aliabad and representatives of Aliabad Bazar, Association appreciated the contributions of KADO in the development of Hunza valley. They further demanded to organize different skills enhancement courses for working and business classes.

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  1. Dear Noor bahi first all i would like to thanks all the team of
    for doing great job keep it up!

    Dear Noor i would like to inform you that chines languge class is also started at GOJAL Moor Khun, by the help of Mr Aziz Shah & Moor Khun Community, it is three months cours. intrested person can contract my AZIZ SHAH BUDLAY Cell 03555206157.

    thank you
    safdar Ali shah budlay

  2. Congrats to KARDO team for such a good intiative, I do request to the TEAM to plan it on sustainability basis and if possible build a bridge linking it to culture scholarships and other sources to acertain maxim. benefit form it

  3. Good Job KADO!!!!!

    this is what we expect from KADO, launch of this course is of strategic importance for our youth and proper measures should be taken to ensure that maximum number of youth benefits from such initiatives.

    I would like to add to toojiks idea….I think chinese people will love to promote their language and they will be more than ready to offer assistance in this regard….KADO should work to increase ties with Chinese government and other organizations for this purpose.

    Great Job!!

    Naveed Hunzai

  4. Its really very important for our people to learn Chinese Language to get more exposure, because language can get you much closer to the people/country where you are on job or doing business. So great job started by KADO,,, many many congrets.

    Almaty Kazak

  5. Good Initiative taken by KADO,and hope this will continued on sustainable basis.Chinees language is very important for the people of Northern Areas for communication because in future our most dealing will be with chinees people in the field of business, education and employment etc.KADO is always taking initiatives according to the need of the people and is the poiner of employment genrating agency in Hunza region.well done

  6. …novice n most-wanted initiative taken by KADO…this learnin skill should b extended at village everyone should have d opportunity 2 take avail 2 this skill……………………

  7. The Pak-China relationships have become more durable as both have been supporting each other for the last many decades.
    The recent initiatives taken for the widening of the KKH has paved a way towards many better future prospects and the people of the region are directly or indirectly influenced by the various constructive activities.
    China, being a rapidly growing country has many better opportunities for the people of our part because the trade activities between the two coutries is carried through our region. We need people who could speak out eloquently and fluently the chinese language so that the communication gaps could be minimized and transboundry interactions be established with true essence.
    I appreciate the efforts for orgazing the chinese language classes.
    This is no doubt an emerging need.
    Aslam Ghalib

  8. Ofcourse Language is like your passport,,,its nice to know that KADO finally realized that china is the future Giant of Trade and Buisness in this World,The all world is now looking into China,So Folks get Ready for the future prospects ,Prepare yourself for the china market before somone comes and Takes over as usually it happens with our people,,,Nothing is harm it will be previlage for all of us to speak chinese as its our neighbours and the Trade will impact the life of our Nations,We need to built more Bridge with our ismaili across the Border , be its China, Tajikstan or Afganistan,United We Stand, God Bless our home Land.

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