Gilgit - Baltistan

Mulberry: Fruit of the season in Gojal valley

Photo: Zulfiqar Ali Khan. June 23, 2008, Gulmit

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  1. better said ………..the taste of gojal!

    zaheer barjungle

  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhh i miss back home………………… Zulfiqar bhai can u plz send some branj for us……………. amina khan USA

  3. Hay shireen dyoray khuzg Branjh
    Kumar tow gotam adam garmi,adam taf,adam tobon.
    I always cherish the beauty of our valley which is not only the physical appearance rather the fruits,the flowers and the food items that add to the beauty and increase its expediency in many folds before the visitors,expatraits and rest.
    Whoever is currently in the valley should get maximum taste out of all the available and ripened fruits.

  4. This picture remind me the beautiful days when we used to spent most of our time on the top of the mulberry trees of uncle Ghulam Uddin-sometimes joined by the crows as well. Miss those days along with “Branje Bidona” a lot.

  5. Okey Zulfiqar back from Germany after one year, he must brought germanay kobon for “Bidona Branzj”, but take care of “Ghatunas” within it……..leave some for Qenda” and dry for winter “Wesk Branzj”.

  6. Pechetki yem berang bidona rang
    Padrasem pe tov voz e qarkha rang
    Setket ke vetk khu shacher mash me kat
    Da vakhte shulbutem e qilya rang

    Nazir A Bulbul

  7. Branzj Qopa Qopa, Digar Mehwa Dona Dona
    i miss those days when we were on the top “Tur” of Branzj.
    those who are in village enjoy it.

  8. Hi shreen branj, khushroy branj, khuzge branj
    threm zuyodesh di secam wakhon ne saing
    khushroy rang biduna,muzafari,ya shuw branj
    der wakhan nash ki chapmesh ya rang yovi nast branj thai saing

    Dear Zaqyour Zulfiqar

    Thanks to show us the sweet branj
    I miss u branj in the Afghan wakhan vally.


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