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Sost Dry Port election to be held on Oct 6

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, September 27:  The Civil Judge Hunza, Minhas Hussain has notified the schedule for the election of Sost Dry Port Trust (SDPT).  According to the notification, sent to the Chairman, SDPT, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, the elections will be held on October 6 under the supervision of the Civil Judge, Hunza.

This notification has been released according to the verdict of Chief Court Gilgit, in which he directed the Civil Judge Hunza to ensure the election of the trust within 15 days.

The civil court has instructed the Chairman Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan to call the General Body meeting on Oct. 6 in order to elect the Chairman, Senior Vice Chairman and other office bearers of the trust. According to the notification, the candidates will submit their nomination papers on Friday, October 3 and the papers will be analysed on Saturday, October 4.

The cabinet of both Ali Afsar and Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan have started to contact the shareholders to vote for their candidates in this election.  

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  1. That is great discission at least to tuckle the problem… but I am not sure that Ghazanfar has the courage to face the election process rather he would try to escape it…. any our advice to both of the party is to actively participate in the processs of accoutability by the shareholders

  2. So Ghazanfar??????? would like to again wants to play a double game, No one should be saying nasty things about Ghazanfar.He has done NOTHING to deserve anything. REALLY, since being a Chairman, SDPT,and ever since he has done NOTHING. NOTHING , NOTHING good, NOTHING constructive.

    So let’s just leave him alone. Very ALONE.
    wores wishes for him
    the Young blood

  3. ”Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.
    The leadership instinct you are born with is the backbone. You develop the funny bone and the wishbone that go with it.
    The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint to keep from meddling with them while they do it”

    good bye the ghazni and saleem and aman and shabaz’.
    Ali Afsar we are with you and we are expecting much from you .
    Now i am in position to teach lessons to the mismanagement of gazni and saleem and shabaz and aman………………………….

  4. “… ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
    A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers, and woods, but it is a principle; and patriotism is loyalty to that principle. ”
    My dear friends as you are well aware about the past history of ghazni , now it is our time to develop the area and the society.

  5. The Apex court of Northern Areas has given the historical verdict on the SDP, more than this it has ordered to put the order in practical and inshallah it will be so on 6th of the Comming month. Here is a turning point, our people specialy the share holders must keep themselves aware of the menace awaiting for thier single mistake in these elections. Of course bargain and offers willl be at hike this time in Sost, i pray and hope,nobody is going to put a tag of ” FOR SALE” on his share or conscious.
    You me and all of us were/are cursing Mir Gazanfar Ali Khan, we must find out the reasons for hatred against Gazanfar, much of the part in hatred against him has played by his disloyalty,unfairness and carelessness towards his people and area. If he really is unbearable, then it is the time to show him the way out of the system and needs to ask not to poke his nose again. Can the share holders do so? Can they run the system smooothly after so much mess in SDP?does it means that all the problems are solved? can the people sigh a breath of relief that every thing is fine now? I think it is not that much simple, the true phase will start after the elections. Those who are going to be seated in the administrative thrones have to save themselves, have to keep managed so that no one can curse them and they will become (Gazanfar part 2) by repeating the acts of Gazanfar and following his footsteps.
    hope makes the life run , here in the case of SDP there is a hope of a free election resulting in the ending of the issue, inshalllah .

  6. Khoda pahad, nikla chuha
    Kuwev pošt, nyešte pыrk
    What a drama? hahaahahaha

  7. It is the time to prove that we can unite on our own benefits, its time to show that we have the strength to run the Administration of SDPT, its time to show that no more we can live like a slaves. SO UNITE AGAINST FOR THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS OF SDPT AND VOTE AGAINST MIR & SALIM.


  8. come on the patriotists of hunza. its the time to show our extreme love with our land by voting against mir ghanzanfar and his spoonfellows. it is an opportunity to remove all the harmful wastes from our homeland just DO IT………

  9. Dear Readers,

    My message is not formulated towards a particular personality of group of people but towards the need to route out the main causes of developing of such issues and the need for a strong and united resolve to address such issues.

    The verdict of the honourable Chief Court, Gilgit was the last resort enabling our people; follow the byelaws of the Sost Dry Port.

    I wish if there had been elections by inculcating and respecting the great cultural norms of the area and the norms set in the Bye-laws of the Dry Port, there would not have been the need for the respectable court to intervene.

    Let’s learn from our mistakes and, from now onwards, demonstrate that management of the Dry Port is not a big issue to our people in North, it is only a matter of detecting and preventing the problems that may have arisen or may arise as a result of LACK OF UNITY among our people and also try to find out the main reason for lack of unity & address this issue in order to avoid further disputes that would give a wrong signal to the spectators questioning our management capacity.

    Conduction of a neutral case study is needed in order to list down as to where, what and how things went wrong in the past and to recommend what necessary steps need to be taken to avoid failure in governance of this new-borne organization.

    Best regards,
    S. Mehmood Hunzai

  10. let see who turns the table, most crucial and damanding of community standing and unity,this only things can revert the ill fortune of the people in to bright and progressive society,also equivalent apportunity to rise to every one. peace ,calm and affable envirnoment is more required for future gain, either way! i wish the stack holders for a postive posture avoiding every ill happenings in the area, within this whipe and uproot the aristorcratic cuture from entire region and let call a relief from usurpers ,wrape the chapter with intellectual feats,rather impairment stance!
    Best of Luck Mission Accomplisher, and also try to bring raproachment between the people on Pasture disputes in the area!! Cheerss

  11. young blood should be given a chance for the up coming
    elections.Enough ghazani,you desrive home rest.

    wake up call for youngstars.

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