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World Blood Donor’s Day, today

by Noor

The fourteent (14th) day of June, every year, is celebrated to appreciate and thank the people who donate blood to their fellow human beings, during the times of need.

According to the website of the World Blood Donor’s Day ( people donate over 80 million units of blood annualy, but only 38% of the total is collected in developing countries, where 82% of the global population live.

Safe blood donation is a virtue because it can help save lives. However, there are genuine concerns about unsafe blood donations. Research has revealed, the experts say, that unsafe blood transfusion causes of transfer of the Human Immuno – deficiency Virus (HIV) that leads to the uncurable disease we know as AIDS.

Urging our readers to donate blood, according to the medical conditions that are prescribed by the experts, we also caution them to be careful about habitual donors who sell their blood for commercial purposes and, in the process, play havoc with lives of the indiviudals and their families.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of the day we pay our tributes to those donors who donate their blood for betterment of the human health. It is a virtue and shall be continued, while taking extra care.

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One Comment

  1. Dear readers,
    With reference to the blood donation I would like share with the readers that blood donation is not a wrong thing what is usually considered.The red blood cells(erythrocites) are produced after every 120 days and their formation takes place in bone marrow.
    The older cells are ruptured and are replaced with new ones.
    It is very essential that blood should be donated to those with whom ur blood has compatibility otherwise none compatibilty will lead to agglutination and will ultimately become disastrous.
    According to a new discovery a bacterial strain has been discovered which can digest the surface antigens of the cells by the release of an extracellular enzyme that makes any group compatible and one can use any blood group.This has not been commercialized and still alot of work is being done over it.
    Many future prospects are there with reference to the noval discoveries and it is hoped that more and more medical and genetic problems will be solved by making use of the modern scientif tools.
    All the best
    Aslam Ghalib

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