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GLOF-induced damages at Chut Ghusth, Ghulkin


by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, June 15:  Damages to local properties have significantly increased after the the fourth GLOF struck the Chut Ghush settlement of Ghulkin village. According to the assessment reports jointly developed by local administration and FOCUS team, the floods have damaged 4 houses, 6 cattle sheds, 4 irrigation channels, 84 kanals of undeveloped land, 46 kanals of cultivated land, 450 fruit trees, about 1000 forest trees, 2,500 ft of link roads and 3 electricity poles, apart from the damage caused to KKH.  

The flow of high volume of water has also damaged and drowns 2 water tanks and 25 pipes (6 inches) of Hussaini villages. 

It is relevant to mention here that the local community volunteers cleared KKH for traffic at around 8 pm on June 14 but just after 35 minutes another row of floods blocked the road and drowned the remaining properties. The volume of water remained very high during the night of June 14. 

FWO and Chinese Wheel dozers have cleared the road on June 15 at around 10:30 am for all type of traffics.

The local administration has instructed local community to stop living in Chut Ghusth settlement, for the time being, to avoid any human casualties.

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  1. Amber Masud, Project support officer of Regional GLOF Risk Reduction Initiative –UNDP is highly appreciated in advance for her contribution. We hope it could be materialized physically and would help in disaster risk management.

    Sharif Khan

  2. Why is Pamir News, when it is all about Hunza Gojal ……….?

    you are the aborigins of Hunza Gojal and you should be proud of that….there seems an identity crises…… ?

    Rest the initiatve is very productive and telling…
    this will catch more momentum, if it is re-named as “Hunza Gojal News”.

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