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Muhammad Latif Passed away in Ghalapun

Hunza. May 03: Muhammad Latif from Ghalapun passed away yesterday due to heart attack. He was the brother of Muhammad Harri.

PT offers condolence to the bereaved family.

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  1. My cordial codolence to Mr Harri and his enire family. It is a shocking news, indeed. May Allah bless late Latif’s soul in eternal peace and patience to the bereaved family membrs. (Amen)

  2. May Allah rest his sole in eternal peace and confere patience to the bereaved family. (Amen)
    Naeem Jaan

  3. On the sad demise of Uncle Muhammad Latif, our condolence and sympathy goes to the bereaved family members. May Allah rests the departure soul in eternal peace and give courage and strength to the family members to bear this unbearable loss. Ameen
    Sajjad and Samina
    Saudi Arabia

  4. Inna Lillahi wa inna ellaihe ra’aje’un

    My deep condolences to his family and friends, May Mowla bless his soul with peace and maghfirat….Ameen


  5. on the behalf of roomi family and myself my deepest condolense to the family of Late LTIF and may allah bless hiss soul in rest peace and tolerance to his family

  6. my deep heart coandolance to the family may allah rest his soul in eternal peace…

  7. On the sudden sad demise of uncle Latif has really shocked me. It reminds me back to my youth age when we were living on pasture of Khunjerab pass. He used to be very funny and despite having very tough life always used his humors tactics to keep happy every body.

    My deep sympathy is with the family and I pray that Allah bestow courage to bear out this irreparable loss and may rest his soul in eternal peace. (Ameen)

  8. Inna Lillahi wa inna ellaihe rajeeun

    May Mowla rests the departure soul in eternal peace
    ( Ameen).

    My deepest condolences to late uncal family.

    ali aman gojali


  9. This is a sad news and I pray that may the departed soul rest in eternal peace and the family has the strength to withstand this shock.

    Sultan Ahmed

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