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Negotiations underway in Nagar Valley for arrest of wanted persons

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Aliabad, April 23: A contingent of forces has reached Nagar Valley in the Hunza – Nagar district to arrest 7 people who have been named in an FIR filed on the charges of abduction of 33 people.

According to reports the elders of Nagar Valley have maintained that they had taken the 33 people into custody to keep them safe in view of the threats of violence after people of the Shia community were killed in Chilas on April 3. The abducted people included 2 senior officials of the Hunza – Nagar districct administration; a civil judge and a doctor. All the 33 people were later safely returned to the administration.

The government has demanded of the people of Nagar to handover the 7 accused to the police or be ready for a search operation.

It is pertinent to note that a resident of Gilgit city was killed in Hunza – Nagar and some people from Nagar Valley had also reportedly attempted to attack a police station in Aliabad.

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  1. I request the stakeholders of media and all other communicating resources to keep away Hunza valley and its people from the sectarian incident took place in GB last month, as the people of Hunza hate to indulge in any of the religious disputes.The religious matter is an affair between Allah and His humanbeings.Man has nothing to do with law of nature.We must remember that all of us are the creators of Allah.We all are answerable to Him and non else.

    We don not harm any body.The nature of Hunzai’s is to live and let live,than why the name of Hunza is been used in that ugly incident.For God sake don’t politicise Hunza Valley (Heaven on the earth).

    We believe in international brotherhood.We love every citizen of this universe and welcome to the soil of this beautiful valley.All the human beings are the family of God. Therefore ,we must respect others and restrain to create problems to other humanbeings.

    Jehangir Shah

  2. The GB government is responsible for all these problems and turbulence. This government does not deserve to be trusted because it lacks order and good organization. It failed in solving the problems of terrorism and sectarianism. A handful group wants to destabilize the peace of this sensitive region.It is better if problems will be resolved through discussion otherwise government have to maintain its position to ensure peace in the region.

    Arshad Baig

  3. Only a mutual agreement with sincerity on Respect for all Ahel el bait, Sahaba & Imams, Equal application of justice & equal oppertunities for all people in GB is the solution. Selective application of justice & baised media compaigns will never bring peace.

  4. Brother Jahangir has rightly pointed out that people of Hunza are peace-loving and they don’t want to indulge themselves in extremism and terrorism. Even a single person, who differs his/her faith in a village of Hunza could live with peace and hormony without any harm and threat. But one thing that people of Hunza lack is in their political leadership, especially in the hour of crises, no leader(s) comes forward to lead the people for proper guidance. Every political leader in Hunza is busy in filling his/her own pocket. We all know that the people of Hunza are literate persons in the world, but again, there is no proper future planning for the masses. Let’s cite the example and dispute of district headquarters in Hunza-Nager valley, which is, until now undecided, where to be based. The people of Hunza strongly feel that mixing the name of Hunza-Nager could create problems in the near future. So it’s time to separate the name of Hunza from Nager, because the customs of Hunza are completely different from the people of Nager. The recent incidents in Hunza are due to attacks of extremist elements from Nager, i.e attack on Aliabad Police station, mosque and abduction of people of opponent faith from Hunza and forcibly taking them to Nager and murdering one of them in Hunza. The people of Hunza would like to have their identity cards with the name of “Hunza”, otherwise the district should be Gilgit.

    GM Mughal, USA.

  5. My Dear brothers, what I feel so far that Hunza and Nagar are two brothers but your text is stunning. I am really shocked looking at your narrow thinking. If you do a realistic calculation the number of murders you will find more in Hunza than in Nagar. Even, according to the sources the person found dead in Nasirabad Hunza has been killed in Hunza on a ….. issue!

    My dear when you were writing” Rakaposhi in Hunza” and showing different beautiful valleys of Nagar as Hunza, you must have thought to separate the name of Hunza from Nagar!

    No my dear no. Don’t become that much selfish.

    Despite of receiving dead bodies one after another, by saving the lives of hundreds of Ahal e sunnat people, Nagarians have set a tremendous example.

    My dear brother, “every right and wrong is the right” is not our policy; we are the followers of Mola Ali (AS). So, we protect and save people in our own streets but we also know how to fight in the battle field. Remember my dear, if Nagar would not be there (God forbid) Hunza will automatically demolish.
    Ali Nagari

  6. Agreed with Mr. GM Mughal,s point of view, not a single hunzai is involved in abduction of targeted people couple of weeks ago after the tragic incident took place in chillas.

  7. Mr.Ali Nagri, you are very right that we are brothers and sisters in all respects.Our faith,our language, our geographical conditions, our customs are same. Believe me, that most of my friends are from Nager. I have served the people of Nager from 1973 to 1976, as a Govt.Official.One of my best friends is Maulana Muhammad Shafi Najfi in Gulberg-Lahore,Dr.Fida and many others.

    What I wrote in Pamir Times meant to explain that the people of Hunza do not harm others on the basis of area, race,religion,colour etc. We believe in humanity.All human-beings are the beautiful toys of Allah Almighty.There is a spirit in every human-being.We must understand what this spirit is? We must understand and think about Allah and His universe. We must think about the whole universe and its habitants.Living or non-living,every particle of this universe has been created by Allah just only for the beterment of human-beings. We must thankful to Allah Almighty.

    My brother,pls take my words in positive sense.No doubt that we all muslims are brothers and sisters.We must use our wisdom rather than emotions.Emotions are haram in Inslam.

    Jehangir Shah

  8. we all

    not a
    ware of the quranic verse …..lakum deenu kum wleud deen…….killing of innocent passengers is act of terrorism…realy they arenot follower of islam…..

  9. We should think of broader chapters, we should talk like intellectuals, some one’s comments represents his thinking level.

    Unity is strength. Don’t disperse your power be nationalist, think that all Hunza Nagar, Ghizer, Diamer, Astor, Gilgit, Skardu and Ghanche is one unit,
    Try to defeat illiterate MULLAs and illiterate politicians like Mehdi Shah etc.
    We are not terrorists we are nationalists.
    May God bless peace to GB.

  10. Down with terrorist….insha allah peace prevail in GB. Most of the people would like to restore peace….we a

    e all creator of allmighty whether shia sunny …hindu sikh….no one can remove and finishtheir existence by usint force….we should pray for peace ,tranquility,prosperityin GB and all other parts of jammu and kashmir……

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