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Young man brutally tortured in Skardu by influential prayer leader and his sons

SKARDU: A young resident of Skardu was allegedly tortured by a prayer leader and his sons five days back in Hussain Abad locality.

The young man, identified as Muhammad Taqi, was reportedly abducted in a vehicle, taken to a private residence and beaten with iron rods and wooden sticks. In an application submitted to Police, Taqi has said that he was beaten ruthlessly and forced to make statements, which were allegedly video recorded.

ASP Skardu, while addressing a press conference in Skardu has confirmed that the man has been brutally tortured. He said that a son of the cleric, identified as Syed Muzahir Hussain, has been taken into custody based on the FIR. He said that according to the complainant is in serious condition and not in a position to answer questions. He said that the complainant has said that the prayer leader was present while he was being tortured and forced on ‘gun-point’ to record statements.

The ASP said that the charges of abduction and torture will be investigated against the cleric and his sons. He added that the reasons for the alleged violence are being investigated.

The incident happened in the constituency of Fida Muhammad Nashad, Speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly. He has yet to issue a statement was about the gruesome crime committed against a citizen.

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