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Homage paid to Imam Hussain

Shah ast Hussain, Badshah ast Hussain   Deen ast Hussain, Deen Panah ast Hussain
Sardad na dad dast, dar dast-e-yazeed, Haqaa key binaey La ila ast Hussain

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, Jan 03: The Karwan-e-Adab Hunza organised a Mehfili-e-Mushahira concerning the commemoration of the martyrdom of Hazarat Imam Hussain (A.S) and his companions during the Battle of Karbala. The renowned poets from both the Shia Ithnaashri and Ismaili sects paid emotional and glorious tributes and homage to the Great Martyr Imam Hussain (A.S) and his companions by reciting their poetic works in local language.

The poets highlighted and described the great achievements and the noble deeds performed by Imam Hussain (A.S), his family members and other noble companions.

The poets, who presented their soulful homages included Ikram Najmi, Sakhi Ahmed Jan, Amir Hayat, Sher Baz Ali Khan, Irfan Ali, Jafar Ali Jafar, Sadar Ali Khawaja, and Khalid Abbas.

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