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Rahim Ud Din of Shimshal Valley leaving for Kazakhstan

by Hidayat Ali Shah

Rahim-ud-Din, son of the famous mountaineer Rajab Shah from Shimshal valley has joined Globalink logistics Group Ltd. as an Accounts Executive.  He has been appointed as a permanent associate at the Head Office located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, He will be leaving for Kazakhstan on 26 of this month.

We, all members of Pamir Times,  wish Rahim the best of life and career in Kazakhstan.

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  1. Congratulations Rahim, Hard work, consistency and patience will lead you to fly high and high. We are proud of you.

  2. Wonderful Rahim. Congrats and keep up your good work. Pleae keep us updated about developments in Kazakstan.


  3. well done rahim and congratulation to you for your great achivement and best of luck for your trip to kazakhstan keep it dude.

  4. Ofarin, šabaš, zindabod. Γafč γafč ыborak tar ыmыyd e jыwon. Woz ti tatnanereb ofarin et mыborak.

  5. rahim uddin BRAVOO…gud luck for your future keep on doing batter…..

  6. Hay lupyor-e shireen,
    My best wishes for your better future.I know you are a hard working man and can prove yourself by putting more and more efforts.
    It is indeed a challanging position you have acquired and would demand more efforts from your side.I m sure that you won’t leave even a single stone unturned and would move on STRONG DETERMINATION AND HIGHER SPIRITS.
    Once again my heartiest and best wishes
    Ur Zaqyor

  7. Dear Rahim,

    Congratulations on your brilliant efforts. I do hope this opportunity will help to sharpen your saw to reach to your destiny ahead.

    Sharif Khan

  8. Dear Rahim u Din,
    Congratulation for the brilliant opportunity and hope you will perform yours job as an ambassador of Gojal in the previous grate Soviet Union, state Kazakistan.

    With best regard
    Muhammad Panah

  9. Dear Rahim Uddin

    Congratulation !!!

    We the whole Shimshalis are very much proud of you. your Father,the great Son of Shimshal has crownd us all by conquering the giganitic hieghts of Karakorum and Himalaya.Keep in mind this is base camp right ! you have to fasten for ascent.

    Aman Karim Shimshali
    University of Karachi

  10. Buland sitore laser khun
    Umede naw leser khun
    Khu tatey rang tu buland rash
    Bulandege tra khu pudd de, kha da manzil to nevez

    Hoffren shereen lol, all the best for your future


  11. yem boz rang ce fisko ve-sod shar-en al baland,
    ya xush behor e gul ven yi xavcha mazer vand,
    yi yashk e warawgi zerexk dem zu tapk e yand,

    yi peywand e bu shumonak dezgi mar sepregh,
    ko kumde volem kumde lecern wuzem nazerband,
    yi yashk e warawgi zerexk dem zu tapk e yand
    ………………………………………..(Afzal Karim-Shimhali)

    Dear Rehim.
    Congratulation! to you and your family, we proud of you.
    Best of luck.
    join our spatial network from Kazakstan. Regards

    Ali Rehmat Musofer
    Dili, East Timor

  12. Dear Rahim,
    Please accept my cordial congratulation on the occasion of this immense achievement. I hope you will be a role model for the youth. It is the first and big step on the success ladder and I believe that you will climb many more steps in the future. We are proud of you.

    With prayers,

    Mohammad Khaliq

  13. Congratulation dear Rahim!
    I am pleased to know about your tremendous achievement. Being AKS fellows, we feel proud of you.

  14. My Dearest Rahim
    It is indeed an opportunity of proud and we all your fellows are saluting you. Please accept my heartiest congratulation and keep your fly higher and higher.
    Here i would also mention that the credit goes to 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best of luck

  15. salam
    congratulation to my bach who am i proud of to get such apportunity.belive me i am very happy on your sucess carry on this is nothing the world is still to vast explore it and discover yourself because you are having more then that.

  16. Well-done dear Rahim, accept my heartiest congratulations on the occasion!

  17. mubarak ho u have got a wonderful chance to present ur culture and service over their

  18. Dear Rahim,
    We all AKS fellows express our warm felicitation to you on your expected travel to Kazakhstan for your better tommorrow.
    We are sure you will never forget AKS fellows wherever you go. We have an opportunity to spend a golden time of our life with each other during our studies in Rawalpini/Islamabad. Our hostel life, college life and picnic at Shimshal Pamir will remind you something about your past. Finally, we would like to say, ” Those who walk to the way to success look ahead,not back.” We wish you best of luck in your present and future endeavours.
    With thanks and kind regards,

    AKS Fellows

  19. Congratulations Dear Rahim

    We are blissful for the assignment being assigned to you, that you deserve. We do pray for the best way accomplishment, and long way same. I wish you best of luck in your this journey of Success. You made the tradition continued as it has been the principle of ours. I wish all of us, “young’s” to clasp the tradition that has been the practice of ours in every sphere of life.
    Mirza Ali

  20. Congrats Dear Rahim,
    I am pleased to know about your great achievment. Please keep it up and do high, think high if you want to be high.
    We the younger generation of Shimshal are proud of you. I am sure you will become a ray of hope for us.
    Best of Luck!!!!
    Have a nice and safe jouney.

    Zulfiqar Baig
    Khizerabad, Shimshal

  21. Dear Raheem, I am glad to read the news item. Best of luck with your new career.

  22. sad salom loopyor,
    uzesh se khugnan woz se khu family genanesh thor ghafch muborak bodi randum, woz se moloni yem duo ki de har qadam thor kamyabi naseeb humyuth.
    khudo yor.

  23. humisha ti sar fakran buland warshat. woz mulah tavor tufiq randth ki to waz bay jawanvay askam vidak youndth.

  24. Dear Rahim
    I am proved of you and students like you. Congratulation for stepping toward a challenging career .Brave people do not wish for less problems, always wish for more skills. You are one of those. I pray for your successes and good health
    With best wishes

    Aman AKDN Kashmir

  25. Dear Rahim,

    Congratulations on your best efforts. We all of Shimshali and family member are proud of you. I am sure you will become a famous like your father, I pray for your successes and good health
    With best wishes.

    Inayat Ullah Baig
    Rugby UK

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