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Affectees of GLOF to be compensated, Chief Executive NALA

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Ghazanfar Ali Khan, chief executive of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly has expressed sympathy with the farmers who were affected by the recent Glacial Lake Outburst Floods, at Chatghust, Ghulkin. According to a local weekly newspaper (Badd-e-Shimal) the chief executive has said that the damage to property and crops will be compensated by the government.

While this is a welcome news, it is also important to consider the point raised by the deputy commissioner of Gilgit district during his visit to Ghulkin regarding the absence of funds related to emergency and disaster. The chief executive, if he compensates the damage, will have to take funds out from the already scarce development budget to make such compensations.

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There is a need to allocate separate funds for dealing with disaster in Gilgit – Baltistan. We hope that the chief executive will raise this point in the corridors of power, while compensating the people who have lost their valuable property because of the natural disasters.

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  1. It is good news that Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan the Chief Executive NALA had heard about the disaster happened at Ghulkin due to the glacier lake outburst floods. The inhabitants of the area were expecting his physical appearance to the affected part to show sympathy and empathy with the victims of GLOF of Ghulkin Glacier, but it couldn’t happen for unknown reasons since April 2008 to the current devastation (June 14, 2008).

    I hope that the Chief Executive NALA in his existing capacity will contribute to restore the broken infrastructure (water channels, link roads and electricity) of the affected areas and compensate the sufferers rather to just depending on statements to the print or electronic media.

    I would like to recommend that Chief-Executive and members of NALA should immediately propose a body for Natural Disaster Management for Northern Areas (Gilgit-Baltistan) and should be linked with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) at national level, by allocating funds on top priority to cope with such disasters in the entire region.

    I am very thankful to the focus Humanitarian Assistance Volunteers of Ismaili Local Council for Gulmit Gojal, volunteers of Pamir Times and, social workers, and the inhabitants of the neighboring villages of Hunza-Gojal for their continuous moral and physical support during the critical situation.

    Let’s hope the statement given by the Chief Executive NALA for the compensation of the affectees of GLOF at Ghulkin should be practically materialized rather to appear a political statement, which is (unfortunately) a common phenomenon in our country.

    Sharif Khan

  2. Ghazab kiya tere wade pe etibar kiya
    Tamam rat qayamat ka intizar kiya
    Ham ayse mahwe nazara na the jo hosh aata
    Magar tumhare taghaful ne hoshiyar kiya

    Thank you very much for another promise….!

  3. It known to every one in Gojal and even Ghazanfar himself expressed that Ghulkin is just like my own home, but it is unfortunate that the owner has yet not visit his damaged home town, it is time for Gulkin folks to think abut it… they have very strong relation with them but yet not there

  4. i dont know why you people are against with CE . yes the answer is that he is the son of late king Mir jamal khan. Mr Hub u r trying to cut down his vote bank from Ghulkin. To day in North even the president of PPP is in favour of CE becuse he is neutral for all sects. could any body tell us the developmentd in hunza gojal in the tenyoure of Wazir baig and Nasir Sabir,


  5. Good to hear that Khan Sahab has assued to compansate the affectees of the GLOF by the Hussaini-Ghulkin Glacier.

    Sharif Khan is, of course, right in his stand and very nice sugestions he has given with regard to disaster management by the so-called Govermnet of the Northern Areas and linking it at the national level.

    Hub Ali has also rightly pinpointed Khan Sahab’s sleeplessness/hybernation with regard to this natural disater. When the time of election comes, Khan Sahab then claims that Ghulkin was his second home. When he is given votes in majority in this village, Khan Sahab forgets his statements. If there comes any chance or excuse for Ghazanfer Sahab, he may boldly chnage the name of Ghulkin behind him as “Gazanfar Gad/Garr” like Muzaffar Gad/Garr” because he has his record in election that never he’s lost in this village.

    I agree with Sharif that Khan Sahab shouild come out of his poltical statement and positvely and practically compansate the affectees of this village, at least if you have to win next in elcction from this village.

  6. What he did for hunza-Gojal, execpt two projects in Shimshal and Ghulkin link Roads in his tenures ????????????? anything eles ?? and these are the strong suppoter of mir otherwise he never did. how many times he selected for NALA?? and whats his contribution in the field of education, health and others except creating conflct in SDP ???

  7. I don’t think that PT serves the purpose to cut down someone’s vote bank or enhance someone other’s in order to meet its objectives or get any kind of patronage or any financial benefits from any particular person/party. Many times it has been stated by the PT team that being a volunteer endeavor PT works beyond any external influence.
    PT reflects the true sentiments, feelings and perceptions of its readers and contributors-who take part in discussing the news related to any particular issue. It is not against any person. It believes in true and unbiased journalism. Its approach is based on concrete evidences and solid logical bases. PT is not there to compare and contrast various socio-political or religious figures. Neither it has any problem or rivalry with the CE, being the son of late Mir Jamal Khan. If someone thinks so I am sorry to say he is taking things out of context.

  8. i dont know why you people are against with CE? it is very comen point we should live this person but there is very nice and intresten point like fun we are against of ce we now veryvill he is black ship but our grand fathers and old people first kiss on his had

  9. Dear Readers,

    1. Could u please tell us progress of Nazir & Wazir what did these people done for us.

    2 . Dry port is a private business of some share holders.
    3. the people of gojal should remember that time when berg Aslam when he started the shangrilla hotel. who defended them.
    4. kissing on his hand the person . who was kissing his hands now he is director with sdp for his own intrest

  10. Mr. Saya
    Could you stopp this private discussion……I am not able to understand you for not accespting the Change….. Do not recall the case of Aslam… there were some strong hands. secondly SDP is not a private business coz every people from Hunza has a stake in it….

    Try to turn the debate into a productive way rather going back to kissing hands and other hassles

  11. Without commenting some one’s idea, I do believe, the new generation of the valley should realize the sensitivity and importance of the area rather to introgating some thing within the box or outside. I think, PT is a useful instrument to deviate the peoples mind and thought regarding the contemprary needs/issues and challenges. We havn’t any strong political background nor the educated mindful people come forward to look to the gigantic topic. It is not only the Mir but down to the grassroute level things are not happening according to the will and wishes of the people. It would be our request , if the youth will understand the jargon of politics without feeling stigmentation.
    I respect the views and suggestions and commnets of Shariffkhans, Ali Musafir and my kado roomate aejaz karim’s and others who have their own valid testimonies.
    With rgards.
    Muhammad Jalil

  12. Mr, Yaqoob

    To day every body is ready to accept change i agree with u. but could u tell us who will bring the change. yes we got change when we elected a member in district conscil the change was confilict between many villages. i we want to bring the changes every body should work hard not looking for their personal interest. what is wrong if CE is says for compesation.


  13. Mr. Saya
    Thanks for the correction. CE has done a reasonable demand and this is his duty. No thing extra ordinary…..
    but one thing you can not stop people for presenting theri veiw poit….they have right and all have equal right

  14. Wow, what a nicely attempted political disussions is going on. It is wonderful, I think.

    Saya has raised some good and logical questions.

    We need not to confine ourselvles in our so-called political shells if we think we are going to contribute positively and objectively towards such topics as reflections are in hand.

    If we consider few of the questions of Saya as positive, then we need to answer the questions positively rather than stopping him or taking the comments negative as is seen in the case of Yaqub & Ali Rahmat Musofir.

    If I perceive and take ti for granted to comment on Khan Sahab’s ill-deeds or otherwise, then why should I reserve my comments onto the -zir baradaran (Nazir & Wazir)? We need to come up with our academic views on Zir Baradaran’s development accomplishments, challenges or inabiliites as well. When we are not supposed yet full Pakistanis then why we are confined to the so-called PPP and PML (N/Q)? These are the externally imposed parties and not internally proposed/evolved parites. So we need at this time, internally evolved/proposed parties that could and should represent the whole region of the so-called Northern Areas.

    I would request Yaqub. Rehmat Musofir and others not to discourage such political disussions when there comes also attempt to get accountablity of other poltical reps such as Zir Baradaranat the NALC/NALA level, and others at district and Union Council (UC) levels.

    Whet Shabaz Khan has done so far? What Hajat Muhammad has done during his tenure?
    What Aziz Jan in the UC Gulmit has done so far?
    What have other reps at UC level have done so far?
    Why shouldn’t we discuss it openly on this unbiased forum (PT), which is one of the effective mechanims in which our educated people do take part?
    Let’s have their accountablity as well along with Khan Sahab.
    Let’s have our academic views on them. Let’s promote PT as a think tank for our societal development and let’s honour each other’s postive views and have a positive critiques on us.

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