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Something unusual: The SCO Passu Exchange.

Translated by Zulfiqar Ali Khan On way to Shimshal, we had to change the van. We waited outside the town ,where we saw only a couple of cabins. After some times, Robert, a Briton with whom now I am travelling, discovered something unusual: The SCO Passu Exchange. A person is...

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Admissions, Scholarships and more

By Rahim Nazar The Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan, has released its latest document about admission and other opportunities existing inside Pakistan. Click on the link below to open the PDF file. <<<<<<< Click to open  

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Shandur Polo Festival 2008

by Asghar Khan Gilgit, June 19: Shandur Polo festival will be held from July 7 – 9, 2008. Telenor Pakistan has sponsored  the most exciting polo tournament of the region. The three day polo tournament, organized by Gilgit and Chitral polo clubs, local administration and Telenor Pakistan, will be played...

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By Sharif Khan (PDCN – GILGIT)  Internet, a discovery of modern science and technology, has revolutionized the world like never before. Today internet has made shrunk the scattered world into a global village. Students, businessman, engineers, doctors, journalist and even a lay man cannot survive without browsing it for research,...

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