Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Artisans at work in a vocational training center in Reshit, Chipurson

Photo by: Nahida Karim & Najma Farman, June 17, 2008

2 thoughts on “Artisans at work in a vocational training center in Reshit, Chipurson

  1. That was amazing. These are the wonders of media which has made our world so small. Chipursan is the remotest valley in Gojal and its access to the world is still very limited. Hats off to Pamir Times for bringing valleys like Chipursan and Shimshal to the limelight. Keep the great work.

    Sultan Ahmed (Chipursani)

  2. nice its un blaveable like sultan sayes chuprson is very remotest valley in Gojal but its very nice The people are descent and well educated and spread to the globe and serving in various public and private services, businesses and studying in well reputed national and international institutions.
    The area is also fertile for Wild Life such as flora and fauna. The strong sociological and anthropological background the area is famous for peace and harmony and many tourists declare it the heaven on the earth and feel essence of humanity on the mountainous region by calling it Bom-i-Danyo in Persian and the English translation

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