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Workshop on “The role of women in current economic crisis” concludes in Gulmit

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, June 22: The one-day workshop on “The role of women in current economic and financial crisis” has been concluded in Gulmit, Gojal. The workshop was organized jointly by Ladies Volunteer Corps and Women Activities Committee (WAC) in the wake of the current economic crisis in the country.  

About 30 ladies volunteers and Guiders actively participated in group works, presentations and plenary discussion facilitated by Bibi Nigar, Captain Ladies Volunteer Corps and Office bearers of WAC.

1.    What is Budget? How to formulate household budget?

2.    The role of women in current financial and economic crisis.

3.    Advantages of rules and regulation formulated by local institutions.

4.    What types of rules and regulations are needed in the wake of current economic crisis.

5.    What role, the women can play in implementation of rules and regulation?

6.    How to reduce marriage expenses according to seasons?

7.    What role, the women can play in increasing the household income?

At the end, it was agreed, to strictly implement the rules and regulations, formulated by local institutions, in order to avoid further crisis in the future.

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  1. The workshop organized by the women Activity would be much fruit full for the years ahead and it would further enhance the role of women in contribution of our income generation sources . Indeed years ahead are years of crises and economic stagnation. We all know our mothers and sisters are already playing a vital role in generating income by working in the field in the house (unfortunately this services does not count any monetary value).According to my opinion our mothers are already playing a vital role in our economic life.

    I think it would be extremely important to mentioned here that our Younger generation are little hesitant to play a role in shaping our economic budget. The following points seem to be a loop hole in our expenditure pattern of our students residing in metropolitan cities as well as villages.

    1.They does not seek any short term employment facility when residing in villages
    2.Unnecessary visits to village from the cites beside budget constraint for their Educational needs.
    3.unnecessarily expenditure of a substantial amount of their income on mobile phones

    I would invite all the readers to comment as the above are really matter of deep consideration for the economic planning council.

    Ali Sarwar
    MA (Economics)

  2. Realy appreciate such activities….
    We must also educate our women regarding future market opportunities, so they will be able to earn and support their families to cope with the high inflation rate of the country…..

    There are many opportunities to market our vegetables and fruits…we must know how to add values to our product to bring them into the market on higher returns…..

  3. Good Initiative and Congratulations to Ladies Volunteer Corps and Women Activity Committee, keep up your efforts

    Preparing Budgets & monitoring the actual has become very important in daily life, specially in today’s high inflation world where prices of Consumer goods, Educations, Health and luxuries are getting higher and higher day by day.

    We must identify different ways and procedures for reduction in our daily expenses irrespective of that what the rest of people say and comments on it, in this regard we must learn from the ways and procedures used by our Khowja Jamat and Memon Community in Karachi.

    Unfortunately our females to some extent deviate from the household budgets by making heavy spending on cosmetics goods, fashionable dresses that does not match with the local values and norms, when I say this, I am the first one responsible for this, I don’t blame others, this should be started from my home, every body should take this in a very positive way because all of us are in the learning process.

    Further Mr. Ali Sarwar has enough identified the list of unnecessary activities which negatively impact our monthly budget.


    Shah Zaman

  4. A very good initiative and i know that the women activities committe has been playing a vital role towards the women empowerment and I hope that such activities will help them to develop themselves for the various challanges especially in the areas like economy,politics,religion etc.
    I have personally participated in some of their activities and have found them to be profound in their effects.
    Keep going Malika,Khalida Rahim and rest.
    Aslam Ghalib

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