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Advocate Noor Khan arrested and released in Karachi

Karachi, July 18: Young lawyer, Advocate Noor Khan, belonging to Chipursan Valley of Gojal, Hunza, was arrested for a brief period, yesterday night, along with dozens of his colleagues while they were protesting against arrival of Justic Dogar in Karachi. All the arrested lawyers were released late in the night.

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  1. No comments
    But! which law he is defending the law where he is not present . The law, which never called his name aloud. I think He has forgotten that he is from North of Pakistan .
    may be Im wrong??????????

  2. I am very much worried about the future of Pakistan as the fluctuations have been engulfing the normality of the situation and the law and order situation being created is a clear indication towards the perturbations in the system.Surprizingly the anarchy and lawlessness in the region witnesses the devastation and demoralization of the integrity,dignity and morality of the country.
    The only option is to get rid of the so called leaders who have not ben able to settle down the burning issues which are getting deep rooted and more persistent day by day.
    Noor khan has been showing loyality to his profession and is working as a part of the team for the reinstatement of the judiciary.
    We pray for the resolution of the current problems which are really a hindrance in the way of progress.
    All the best for Pakistan Aur Yahi Kah Saktay hay ki Allah Bachaye Pakistan
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. law is basically to defend rights, Constitution of Pakistan is not applicable to northern areas, where people are deprived of the basic rights, we should appreciate and support also those people who struggle for the basic rights of the people of northern areas. Our lawyers from Northern areas, working any where in Pakistan should struggle with same sprit to demand basic rights from government of Pakistan. Constitutional issues is a fights of high level vested interests, where all major political powers are struggling to gain maximum, otherwise in Pakistan here is hundreds of cases pending for justices but nobody speak.

    Dilawar Khan Parpat

  4. Great Shah wali, I agree with you because the cases of 160 million people are not pending in the High Court and Supreme court, it takes year and years to reach case upward from Session court to Apex court and our society does not afford cost of litigation therefore most of the cases are withdrawn in the initial level due to various reasons.


    Shah Zaman

  5. Where we are? who we are?
    We have no political way forward thinking nor our socalled politician have any rightfull vision. In the contemprary; educated youth are pivotal to play their positive role. The commetment of Noor khan is there but the other way round that is not our destiny, we have to look forward by stimulating our dimensions.

  6. qadam badhao noor khan chachu hum trmharay sath hay. keep on struggling man beacuse struggle is the meaning of life and defeat and victory is in the hands of god

  7. Hello, Noor Khan,

    You are right, but not always, this time you are ………….

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