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Husband and Wife drown in Hunza River

Last week, in a tragic incident, a middle aged couple drowned in the Hunza river, at Shishkat, a village of the Gojal valley. According to reports the wife, after a dispute, jumped into the Hunza river, to commit suicide. The husband, in a bid to save her, jumped after her but the merciless, cold, waters of the river killed them both. They leave behind two children, below 12 years of age.

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  1. Inna- Lillaha- wainna Ilaihi Rajioon. It was sad news especailly in a society where presumably there is a awreness amongst masses about suicides and other social issues.

  2. It was very shocking to hear this news. May Moula give eternal peace to the souls of both marhomeens . (Aameen).

  3. Very sad news indeed !!!!!
    We all have to think about harmoney in our relationships in the family to avoid the unbearable lose and sufferings especially for the kids.
    “May Allah give them eternal peace”.
    PT could mention the names of decesed couple to give a complete information, which is convenient for the people residing abroad.
    Colombo Sri Lanka

  4. really sad indeed, one cannot pass view or comments about ,beacuse we don’t know about the circumstances, i think no one acts like, if he is living a good life and avail comforts,,, may Allah bless eternal peace to the departed soul..

    Javed Ali Khan

  5. suicide mean self-destructive action
    the one who interisted in suicide
    the who feedup from this lyf
    this world is not for us its ful of pain,regrets
    no love here Suicide is not chosen; it happens
    when pain exceeds
    resources for coping with pain

  6. a very shocking news of the husband and wife death, the issue due to which the incident took place was a very minor issue soooooo thats not fair for their child, i m really woried about their childs who would take the responisibility of them they are too young. khair jo huwa us ka kiya hosakta ha but other must learn from it never take any decision when u are angry

  7. It is a disappointimg news indeed. What to say on such sad ocassion. I am surprised and curious as well that what could be the names of the middle aged couple? If the names of the couple had to avoid in this news, then what was the need to give converage for this bad news?

    Khalid, New Dehli, India

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