Gilgit - Baltistan

The Golden Eagle (A poem)

by Noor

Soaring high and,
Aiming straight
The fastest,
Most ruthless,
Flying predator,
The Golden Eagle

Lures me,
To life,
Makes me feel agile
Crowned in Gold,
Perched on hills,
Scanning the Earth
For signs of life,

It lives in Mountains,
Just like I do,
It sees the valleys,
Like I do,
It feels the winds,
Just like I do

And yet,
It is the,
King of Birds,
And I,
The helpless,
Creeping soul,
Can’t even fathom,
Who am I?

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  1. Dear Noor,
    It is a wonderful thought expresssed in the form of words and no doubt one can be like the golden eagle but the only thing is to strive and struggle towards the ultimate goal as does the golden eagle.The dare and courage it has makes it fly high and high and the same is for man if he is ambitious and determined.He can be the king of many hearts and can mount up the top of the mountain if is enough credible and makes use of his potentials and talent.
    A very nice composition to arouse many souls to get onto the task that would make him superior in real sense.
    Aslam Ghalib

  2. Dear Noor;
    Salute for your efforts, your Knowledge, your wisdom. keep it up, the world will remember you as a reformer, a true believer and much more.


    Karamat Ali Shako

    AAJ TV

  3. A good literary effort from one of our budding and emerging writers from, shall we say, Gilgit-Baltistan.

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