His Highness the Aga Khan in Syria

 His Highness the Aga Khan visited Syria as part of his Golden Jubilee tours to different parts of the world where Ismailis, his followers, are living. Syria is an important country for the Ismailis because their Imams, the Fatimids, had ruled parts of this country. Source: www.theismaili.org 

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  1. Many Many Congratulations to all those individuals and their families who were blessed with deedari by MHI. Inshallah before the golden jubillee year concludes, jamat of pakistan would be blessed with blessings of MHI……..

    Salman Abbas

  2. many many mubarak to all individuals and specially in syria and all over the world for MHI,S visit in syria….

    DK islamabad

  3. many many mubarak to all the jamat of syria for getting deedar may maula grant us also the honour of deedar amin!!


  4. Many congratulations to the Syrian brothers and sisters for the blessing of Didar. this must have been a lifelong experience for all of those who were present. Just look at the graceful presence of Imam of the time!!!!


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