Gilgit - Baltistan

Dare to recognise!

(A reflection on the history by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan)

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  1. Dear Zulfiqar,

    The fallen tree trunk and the entire attire of the young lady remind me of our not too long past, but her shoes perplexed me a lot. We used to wear Shushk/ sandal in those good days; modern footwears like she has, came much later in our lives. The headgear also does not represent our part of the world.

    It is a good riddle, hope many of your readers would solve it.


    Mutabiat, Islamabad

  2. Wow what a fantastic idea.What I percieve out of her outlook is simplicity and innocency. Although she is not dressed what normally the youth of today think as matter of status but she still seems to be more optimistic and confident.
    We are proud of our ancesters.They had nothing but had acourage and dare.They had the capacity to cope up any uncertain conditions and had the sense of mutualism and ritualism.
    Today everything has drastically changed and the charm and spirits seem to deminish as the time passes.
    Uncle Mutabiat has rightly mentioned about the sandal and shushk.People were not materially strong but still were generous and happy.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. Dear Zulfiqar,
    Thanks for reminding us our past. Let me share that our present situation has been improved in the shape of descent cloths, variety of shoes, food, including health and educational facilities as compared to our recent past and also evident by this picture as posted.

    We could assume that our standard of life has been increased, but on the other hand we need to reflect on few areas for improvement which may causes for ethical poverty. For Instance, some of our youths do not dare to exchange ‘salam’ to elders, introducing girls hair styles by our young boys in our context, wearing unacceptable cloths in sensitive region, quarreling with each other in cultural events and other social gatherings by using drugs and creating tense situation.

    Therefore, we need to reflect on our today’s behavior and need to maintain our ethos of social harmony within and beyond the communities. So, it is my suggestions to our educated youths to bring and share the positive aspects of their learning in our peaceful society to make it more healthy and wealthy.

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  4. Her supper mast smile……… that attire………in that Situation……Is clearly a blessing from Heavens……..I guess that was general attitude of our people at time…….that prolonged theri lives….beyond the age that modern comforts have done today.

  5. My second shot at the riddle.

    Poverty sticken; apparently, but full of hope and happiness, happier even at being photographed…. the eyes tell it all.

    Real happiness is the difference between rich and rag!

  6. Few people know how to live a successful life even if they have so many of the material benefits. The qualifications for a true life are not the material assets as far I am concerned. I would opt for a person who loves endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.”

    All she deserves/deserved is/was a blessed luv… I would have tried if I would have been photographed next to her or would have enjoyed my life with her’s style but I think I dont deserve it… because she is motherly awesome.



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