Gilgit - Baltistan

Ibex grazing without human fear near Khyber village

Photo by: Ali Nazar (May 01, 2008 )

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  1. Dear Readers,
    The Ibex in the picture clearly show that they are no more afraid of the anthropogenic activities.The conservation made will promote and sustain the animal biodiversity of the region and will pave a way for theses extinct species to increase their population.

  2. very nice pictures!!!!

    This has been possible to view the wild animals to live with out any fear of humen by community intiatives, unity and few NGOs has taken keen intrest to preserve the nature, such like AKRSP, WWF, and IUCN…..Any time any season people can view them from very quite near distance..

    Thanks for Mr Ali Nazar for this nice picture to share with us.

  3. that’s great i give worm mubarak to the president of K V O Mr bahadur khan that he made a stric role khunjerab and stop bucthry of ibex. again thanks to president and people of K V O

  4. Dear sohail,

    KVO has its own conservation area, and the picture you have seen is Khyber conservancy…and our organization name is SKIDO,
    Shahi khyber Imam abad devalopment Organization and it is also member of District Consevation team of GOP, Gilgit district. for your kind information this would be clear..

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